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  2. Movie Marathons

    Bad Lieutenant was on the list as was Leaving Las Vegas. Leaving Las Vegas doesn't seem to be on digital stores, and I couldn't find a local copy of it on DVD or Blu Ray. I guess he isn't an arsehole in Con Air?
  3. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    This is a very exciting prospect indeed
  4. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Troy Goodfellow, Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk, and Julian Murdoch record the first 3MA episode, 2009.
  5. Made this account just now to post the following after I saw the above posted to Twitter: Many moons ago (Feb 2013) a few weeks after the Wax House episode I decided to look up CineAction as I live in the Toronto and thought I could get my hands on a copy of the issue in question. Needless to say it wasn’t easy so I opted to order the back issue seeing as it was only $7. But in reality I didn’t want to get the magazine, I wanted Important If True to have it so I shipped it directly there. I should of sent an email saying something was coming but I also wanted it to be a surprise and then the show soon went on definite hiatus and I just forgot about it until now. I feel like with their move from San Francisco that it may of got lost in the shuffle but maybe, just maybe, there’s still a chance an elusive copy of CineAction 68 waits patiently in their P.O. Box. Anyway attached is the email confirmation as proof.
  6. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    So I heard back from CineAction! magazine. The bad news (but also sort of good news*) is that Issue 68 is no longer in print, and they have none in the warehouse (or some guys attic or whatever for all I know). BUT, they did send me a giaaant thread of emails with text, images, and pdfs of each set of pages. I present to you all, Page 8 of CineAction! Magazine, Issue 68: Sadly, no interview with Joel Silver. I also did a full search on all the text in the email thread for keywords (silver, wax, house, and baby) and found no matches. (*the sort of good news here is that the mystery remains somewhat alive. I presume the scans I got are authentic, but without an original printed hard copy, I can't be 100% sure that the content is reliable...but it probably is. Maybe the gentlemen from CineAction! is in on the gag)
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  8. Movie Marathons

    Hmmm, what about Peggy Sue Got Married? This is a good opportunity to troll her, though - keep telling her you think you've found the one movie where he plays a non-asshole, then put on Vampire's Kiss or Wicker Man or Bad Lieutenant...
  9. Movie Marathons

    She actually thought Donald was kind of an asshole too. He says things, or asks things that make Charlie feel even worse, and he seems to do it deliberately.
  10. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    *a couple of years later...* So I've been in touch with the good folks at CineAction magazine here in Canada. I am hoping to get my hands on a back order copy of CineAction Issue 68, and will share anything I can here, for posterity. I was re-listening to this episode a couple weeks ago, and I was bored, and it costs $7 CAD with free shipping so I could not resist.
  11. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Congratulations with being an institute in podcast land. You have been inspiring me for almost a decade now. Just one thing. Cameron Harris (I did the game together with him) deserves by far most of the credits for the innovation with creative writing and RPG like elements in DC:Barbarossa. Best wishes, Vic
  12. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Happy 500 guys! Thanks for the years of entertainment and thoughtful commentary on strategy and war games.
  13. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Shucks, at first glance I thought this was going to be a show about Origins Systems. Haven't listened to it yet, but sure it'll still be good
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  15. Movie Marathons

    I think that Adaptation is the main counterpoint to that observation, because Donald is so kind and patient and forgiving... but, of course, he's playing the foil to the anxious and caustic Charlie, so...
  16. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Tom Chick has his own podcast. Plus he has some health issues probably limiting his availability.
  17. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Thanks, enjoy! :-) Hi everyone, Here are this week’s brand new free-to-use-with-attribution music tracks: On my Funny 7 page: MORE FARTY CROOKS – (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 6 page: GLITTERING THINGS – (Looping) ANALOG QUIRKDOM – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: FUTURE GRUNGE – (Looping) I hope they are helpful!
  18. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    What a show! I'm really happy with how this episode turned out. There is so much I'd like to comment, but I'll be brief. Bruce's voice seems to be missing at the 2 hour 14 minutes mark. After Rob introduces him there is this weird and awkward silence. The episodes I re-listen to the most are the ones that don't address any specific game, like the movie analises, the ones focusing on how games address some topics (like the episode touching on religion, as Troy said), the book reviews, the X year in review and 3MA after dark. I absolute adore the history lessons, hearing the stories that each panelist has to tell and how much knowledge of past games you all have. Sometimes I wonder what is going on with Tom Chick and Julian Mordok. Its been a long, long time since they've last been in the show. Really happy that you guys did something special for the 500th episode as episode 400 came and went, as did some other important marks without any fanfare. So here is for another 500 episodes!
  19. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins For our landmark 500th episode, Rob sits down with Rowan, T.J., Troy, and Bruce to discuss the formative games that made us strategy fans. Buckle in - it's a long one! Warcraft II, Shogun: Total War, Warlords, The Operational Art of War, Harpoon, Eastern Front: 1941 Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  20. Aesthetic in Science Fiction

    In the past, I've hated a lot of sci-fi classics for various reasons but mostly because I found the setting and the way the story was told to be unappealing. I found it very hard to read Frankenstein, which is considered to be a pioneer in sci-fi classic. I feel it is okay to dislike acclaimed books if it doesn't appeal to you. My preferences matter to me more than what the world recommends as a great book.
  21. Post-apocaliptic books: were do they hide?

    I feel The Stand by Stephen King is a pretty solid post apocalyptic book. It is so apt for the times that we live in. Apart from that, I think the Bird Box movie is also based on a post apocalyptic book.
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  23. Filmmaking

    If you want to keep an eye out for my next movies... well I probably can't stop myself from spamming here, but you can subscribe to Sudenpäh Productions on YouTube. Or Facebook page.
  24. This was a really great episode. Any chance you'd consider doing retrospective on PAST decades? I love the times you examine past years, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what the 90's meant for strategy gaming as a whole, or whatever.
  25. Movie Marathons

    So, my girlfriend had only watched 2 Nicolas Cage movies before she met me and they were Captain Correlli's Mandolin and National Treasure. So, it made her think that he was basically terrible and not worth watching. I didn't know this and on our first non-going out date a year ago, we watched Mandy, which she loved. We then watched Mom & Dad, which she also liked. Basically, very accommodating on my love of Nic Cage. Well, after much talking we went on a 5 movie marathon: Face/Off Adaptation Primal Color out of Space Lord of War Adaptation she liked and thought he was fun, but the film was 30 minutes too long, which seems to be the point of the film, but also she is not wrong. She got very sad when Lord of War was also well received, but mainly because she liked Jared Leto, as she finds a lot of films based on grim real life stories piss her off. Face/Off went down like a fire work in a John Woo movie. I love this film in both an ironic and unironic fashion, and she was super into it, but like she dug the acting in a genuine way with the two actors mimicking each other and she loved Travolta's Cage impersonation. Primal was not great. Famke Jansen's plastic surgery is really saddening. Anyway, pretty dumb film that was entertaining but didn't live up to the promise of the premise (Snakes on a Plane, meets Under Siege, meets Nic Cage). Color out of Space really pretty, creepy film, and Nic Cage is kind of perfect. My girlfriend then noted that Nic Cage almost seems incapable of playing a non asshole. Anyway, this was just an excuse to talk about movie marathons and this forum is pretty dead right now, so I figured I'd post. If anyone has fond movie marathons through a genre or actor's collection, please post here!
  26. Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

    Hey, sorry, it isn't on a platform I can play it on.
  27. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Cool stuff you have here, I might use some
  28. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    After a hectic 5 weeks, my schedule’s finally opened up a bit. If anyone needs custom music created, this would be a good time to do it. Just send me an email. My address is here: In the meantime, I managed to get a couple of cool new tracks done for everyone over the weekend…free to use, as always, with attribution. They are: On my new Action 4 page: SPIES – (Looping) On my Fantasy 10 page: A MEADOW OF MYSTERIES Don’t forget my premium Ogg tracks…they’re another cool way to support my work. Enjoy…and please stay safe.
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