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  2. I realize I've barely posted anything about my game devlopment here in recent times, so to recap: I quit my job of 13 years last spring and founded my own indie development studio, September Games. Since then I've been working on a new version of my 2015 release Stilt Fella, and just this morning I put up the Steam page! Trailer! Steam Page WISHLIST, Y'ALL! WISHLIST LIKE CRAZY! Planning on getting this done and released sometime before the end of the year. Hopefully.
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  4. The Cutdown 11: Watching For Inspiration What inspires trailer editors? This time on the Cutdown we dive into the trailers for Bad Boys For Life and Joker, and talk about finding inspiration in unlikely places, and how to keep your work fresh. Trailers Discussed: Bad Boys For Life, Bad Boys II Teaser, Bad Boys II Trailer, Joker, Star Trek, Waves, Prometheus, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Blindspotting, Little Children, Madeline’s Madeline, Hard Candy, The Social Network, Alien, Dr. Strangelove If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen in iTunes
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  6. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    It's the link. It's wrong.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just watched Midsommar the director's cut and I said 'Fucking white people' so many times that I annoyed the woman I went to see it with. I really liked it, big, moody, incredibly slow but always engaging. I really like the way things feel wrong from the get go. Also, the boyfriend is a character I loved to hate. So, basically everything tht Erkki hated about the film, I liked.
  8. Yeah, I have the same complaint as _bloomy_. This is also an issue with the previous episode, where everyone other than Rob sounded a little muffled, but Rowan's volume is especially uneven in this episode. He ranges from being almost as clear as Rob to being almost completely inaudible
  9. Brilliant podcast! You guys (and gal) completely sold me on trying out this game. Wait, the game is only on the Switch. You guys are terrible!
  10. To play the game click the link: To download the starter pack click the link:
  11. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CARTOON ADVENTURE AND HEAD TOY BLASTING FUN! Kitty & Friends is match 2 game. Blast toon cubes and tons of toy objects. Dive into the toon world with our characters Kitty the Leader, Panda the Chef and Doggy the Athlete and many more! Help our characters in learning and discovering new things, by completing different addictive levels in each story! Blast toon cubes, create bonuses, blast all toys in the whole place! So, don’t you hesitate and join the adventure and discover new toon things, meet new characters, discover new power-ups and have TOY BLASTING FUN! Features: ⁃ Complete the match-2 levels and unlock new boosters ⁃ In each story discover new toon objects and blast them! ⁃ Create your team and match with players all over the world! ⁃ Choose your character that you want to play with! ⁃ Share with your friends, give them lives for playing! ⁃ The game is free and easy-peasy to play, but the more you complete the more challenging it gets and more toys you need to blast! ⁃ Free daily spins and chests are waiting for you with stunning rewards! ⁃ The game is totally free to play without any ads! Kitty & Friends invite you to to help them to blast all toys you can in addictive match 2 game Android Play Store: iOS App Store:
  12. Love the pod, but made an account here to ask if you can check the mic levels before episodes--I listen to TMA while commuting, and I couldn't hear Rowan half the time when in the subway, even as Rob before and Nicole after came through clearly. As for ONI, it hasn't yet clicked for me to play in the same way Rimworld has, though I do enjoy watching other people work through the issues with their colonies. For streamers who enjoy the problem-solving aspects of the game, the macabre charm Nicole mentioned makes it very watchable.
  14. Three Moves Ahead 478: Oxygen Not Included Nicole Clark joins Rowan and Rob to talk about Klei's Oxygen Not Included and its punishing model of offworld colonizaiton.Learn how everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and how well the game communicates excruciating detail about why your colony is dying. Oxygen Not Included Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  15. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    OGG MUSIC UPDATE: Super high-quality Ogg files are now available for every track on my Fantasy 1 page as well as my Sci-Fi/Space page. And for about half of the tracks on my Looping Music page and my Horror/Surreal page. They sound amazing…almost as good as uncompressed WAV files…give them a try if they work in your projects. Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for Ogg versions of tracks that you happen to like but aren’t on the site yet, just let me know and I’ll be happy to upload them for you. That said, I have a couple of band new free tracks ready: On my Funny 6 page: SEWER SHENANIGANS – (Looping) – Maybe for humorous monsters underground…or funny criminals up to who-knows-what down there. On my Puzzle Music 4 page: CYBER LIGHT CHASE – (Looping) – Perhaps for a faster-paced puzzle game? Or maybe something else? Enjoy!
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  17. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ballers, Peaky Blinders and Power all come back on the same day I think! Nice.
  18. Just catching up with summer listening (!) but just needed to lodge this observation: one difficulty of historical grand strategy games is the fact that the important moments of history are discontinuous -- the moments when the rules themselves change. Sean came close to touching on this when discussing the need for different rules to apply to different factions, but the modeling challenge is how to provide the player with the experience of that break while maintaining a single perspective. The cautionary tale here is Spore, which attempted this writ huge and sadly failed. Literally created an account just to say this, big thanks for your great podcast even when I'm months backlogged
  19. Full Throttle Remastered

    I just played this for the first time and it was really disappointing. It feels very empty compared to most Lucasarts adventure games with few characters, repetitive settings, less objects and hot-spots to interact with, less lines of dialogue. I get that Ben is very taciturn and can't be a quip machine like Guybrush Threepwood but it feels like most attempts to interact with the world are met with the same 4 dismissive lines, which makes me not want to try anything. Even in situations where it makes no sense he'll fall back on the same lines, like when I was trying to use my bike chain on the semi-truck during the climax and he replied "I'm saving that chain for my friends on Mine Road." And Peter Chan's art is beautiful but scene layouts are often at the expense of clarity, like the magnet tower Thyroid mentioned or trying to figure out where the gas cap on the security force hovercar is supposed to be. Between the lack of humorous bespoke dialogue and hard to parse scenes (oh, that tiny little square in the trailer is a cabinet?) it feels like the game wants to make it hard for me to play. Same with some of the puzzle design: I get a steak and instantly know I'm going to use it to distract the junkyard dog but when I try to use it on a nearby car Ben informs me that the dog would eat the steak and then eat him. Ok, so throwing the steak into a car isn't the answer, so I bash my head against the scene for 15 minutes (luckily the remaster lets me skip the animation of Ben getting chased by the dog, no way I could watch that 15 times in a row without turning the game off) until I give up and look up a FAQ. Turns out I was supposed to throw the steak into a DIFFERENT car. That sort of thing happened half a dozen times, where I figured out what I was supposed to do (bunny minefield was another big one) and then spent a while trying to figure out the exact specific way the game wanted me to do it. It's clear the focus is story and I had heard great things about it, especially Mo and Ben's relationship, but even that was a little underwhelming: there's barely any meat there. They have a brief conversation when Mo finds him, don't really interact again until he finds the Vultures hangout, and then they pull off their motorcycle heist and there's a finale. I like that the sexual tension is ambiguous and that the game doesn't spell anything but they're both too unemotive for that ending to really mean much. There's a lot I liked (art, music, the more cinematic approach) but overall I found it missing most of what made me fall in love with Lucasarts adventure games.
  20. Marvel movies

    My fav Marvel movie is Thor: Ragnarok. Perfect blend of action, humor, quality character development, Zeppelin, tie-in with and set-up for other MCU films, and great visual/thematic style.
  21. Recently completed video games

    I found genesis slots list and decided to try my luck. I like gambling from time to time besides they offer great bonuse for new players. It was the right desicion as I've just won my first cash prize. Awesome feeling!
  22. Books, books, books...

    I’ve heard friends talk about the ‘Sanderson Avalanche’ but I didn’t get it till I read this series. All three of them, when they start climaxing, put you on a goddamn rollercoaster of emotions. I was on my couch screaming gibberish for the last third of Oathbringer.
  23. Movie/TV recommendations

    Bad Times at the El Royale - 9/10 Really enjoyed the movie which felt slightly "Tarantinoesque" which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. There are a couple of loose end's which were left open but I think that adds to my enjoyment of it and let's me fill in the blanks.
  24. Other podcasts

    My favorite podcast right now is dunktown, a basketball podcast hosted by 2 women who are new to taking their fandom seriously, but not too seriously. Great banter, great guests, super fun to relive learning about basketball for the first time plus they have the great url
  25. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    More mad experimenting this week. I’ve been trying to create some new looks for pixel art-style images, specifically tiles that can be used in 2D games and things. On my ART – Brick page, you’ll find: A bunch of cool new brick tiles, 64 by 64 pixels each. Some have a 3D look to them. On my ART – Ground page, you’ll find: A variety of new ground tiles that could work for rocky surfaces, grass, sand, etc. MUSIC UPDATE: Super high-quality Ogg files are now available for every track on my Fantasy 1 page as well as my Sci-Fi/Space page. And for about half of the tracks on my Looping Music page. Eventually, they will be available for every track on my site. Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for Ogg versions of tracks you happen to like, just let me know and I’ll be happy to upload them for you. Enjoy and keep being creative!
  26. Elemental Fallen Enchantress

    I'm not even going to touch anything with Brad Wardell's stink on it with a 10-foot pole, especially after the awful mess that the first Enchantress was.
  27. Jeff Goldblum

    Those are some Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition levels of digital noise reduction right there.
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