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  2. [Dev Log] Shoehorned

    This looks super fun to work on. I imagine you will discover all sorts of crazy techniques as you build out the level with those movement mechanics.
  3. [DEV LOG] Neighborhood Bar Quest (working title)

    This is giving me some real hard Ultima nostalgia! I think the arrows are a good add and yes, tank controls are the way to go. Looking great!
  4. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    As we near the end of the first week of the jam, I've been working on some logic for the game. This included things like physics objects, and the elevator to take you between the different floors. This isn't the most fire safe way to traverse the dream house, but it's as @Travis said "it is as architect Barbie intended". I have decided to push off polishing the way the elevator works right now as it's functional. I am basically moving the elevator collider at a pace that the player controller still recognizes it as a step so it brings her upstairs. It's a smoother ride on the way down, but going up is a jarring experience. I have had a lot of good recommendations via Slack for handing this in Unity: @Travis "You could use rigidbody.MovePosition() to move the stuff while holding it, but when it had a collision, set it free." @Dinosaursssssss "... for a jam, making it kinematic and setting its position is probably the way to go" @Zirrrus "The way I've seen it done is attaching the rigidbody to a point fixed relative to you via a physics spring. That way you get nice springiness while carrying it(conveying an object's weight) and it can interact with other physics stuff." @Synnah "I would do this by setting a flag whenever the player is on the platform (you could do collision checks to test this, or set up a volume), and then whenever the platform moves, also apply that same movement to the player." I hope I captured everyone's advice. This weekend I am going to focus on content content CONTENT! This means building lots of props to populate the house and I might delve into plastic shaders! Thanks again everyone for your advice and I wish a good jamming weekend upon you all!
  5. Thanks for the icon idea. I was checking out some similar things on... some games. I don't remember which now because I have watched quite a few. Anyway, I basically used that idea in a way that Wizardry does, but I'm only showing forward, back, turn right, or turn left. Thou shalt embrace the tank controls in this dungeon! In addition to that, I have done a lot to rethink the way the whole thing is presented. I now split the side walls into two pieces, showing you the current and next tile. This seems pretty consistent with most dungeon crawlers. This took several revisions and thinkin' sessions to get to this point. I think I am happy enough with it for now. I have to actually make a game at some point. In the gif below, it shows movement through the thrilling three-square-ninety-degree bar! I still need to change the floor/ceiling graphics when you face other directions. That will help with orienting the player a lot. I just was on a coding spree and taking a break from making those sprites (that I am not real happy with). I have the compass arrow rotating over in the map panel, but the next big thing I will do is get the auto-map working. I would also like to add more of a transition for your movements, but I think I need to leave it alone for now. Hoping to get through with the movement/mapping today so I can start laying out the bar and working on all of the menus I have ahead of me for encounters. Yikes!
  6. [Dev Log] Shoehorned

    Glad you like it! Thanks for the input. I've added a new version to the original post. When I gave it to a friend and watched him screen share it, I realized I had a problem with some timescale code. The character was moving way too fast for him and resulting is jumping way too high. I've fixed that problem in this new version. So it will probably play much differently for you now. I've also made more of a proper level now that eases you into it. . . hopefully. It still goes full Foddy pretty quick I think I'll work on level and character art next. The level could really use some landmarks so when you fall you can figure out where you're at more easily. And I think adding some animation to the character will improve the game feel a lot.
  7. Air bubbles and a hat stomping puzzle!
  8. Game is going amazingly well. Getting lots of stuff in...but a lot of it is not showy or is kinda spoilery stuff about the mechanics/puzzles. I think during the jam I'll be able to finish You can now pick up and drop stuff! It was a flute but I said "pipe" because I couldn't resist this dumb art joke (will make a little more sense in the game context). It also looks like a key which turns into an unintentional hint! I'm making a first person game and my first idea was to make it a graphic adventure, ha.
  9. I have now sketched all the rooms/screens/areas in Game Maker. Hard to say how well the progression and exploration works in the end but I feel like I could reshuffle the map forever so gotta move on. While it's a very rough version, this takes away some of the joy of discovering so I put it behind a spoiler cover. There's no taking damage or dying but there is some sinister stuff. This is a very important detail also:
  10. Last week
  11. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Polygons were mistakenly identifying themselves as their neighbors, causing a whole bunch of issues. Merging triangles works now, only issue I'm aware right now is edges being offset in the wrong direction. That happens because edges use their polygon's center to determine the direction for the offset. While it's not optimal it actually causes interesting features like cul-de-sacs, so it'll stay this way for now. Tomorrow I want to get some beveling on on the very pointy bits of the polygons, and then instantiate placeholder doors and windows on the buildings. After that it's art, art, art. And maybe I'll add some gameplay?
  12. The Cutdown 7: Filling a Timeline In this episode we discuss the trailer for Knives Out, the latest whodunnit film by Rian Johnson, and our process for filling in an empty timeline after we've finished breaking down our dialogue and video footage. If you have trouble with editor's block, some of our tips should help you get going! Trailers Discussed: Knives Out, John Wick 3, Ready or Not, Mr. Turner, Ms. Potter, a Wrinkle in Time. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  13. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm going to go with a black outline, because he does get lost in it, and because Pico-8 has a fixed 16-colour palette I can't use a similar-but-different shade of yellow to make him stand out. It's easier to do the outline in code than to add it directly to the sprite, however, because the latter would essentially limit me to 14x14 pixels for the sprite, and I need all the pixels I can get!
  14. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    Haha, looks great, I love that jump pose. You might consider changing the horizon to something that isn't yellow, Gobbler gets lost in it. Or you could give him a black outline.
  15. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    Given how much I still have to do, I feel like I haven't made a huge deal of progress this week. I do have basically all of Dot Gobbler's animation frames rendered now (though not all of the actions that use them are in), and I spent today getting my parallax background in: I still need to add some hills in the background, and I kind of want to have the occasional boat on the water. I haven't quite decided on what I want the environment to be, though. My initial plan was for a forest in front of a lake, with hills in the background, but when I chose non-slip socks as the theme, it made sense to reduce Dot Gobbler's default level of friction, in order to make the grip socks more meaningful as an upgrade, and as such a snowy landscape makes more sense. I'll think about it some more. Next up, I might tackle more of Gobbler's movement options. I also need to put enemies in at some point...
  16. [Dev Log] Heely Kids

    Shh no one was supposed to notice that it's a special move of sorts... Seriously though I've renamed it
  17. [DEV LOG] Neighborhood Bar Quest (working title)

    Looking good! Yea, turning in some of these old style 3D games were a bit jarring. Maybe you could do something with a screen transition? Like a directional blur or screen wipe to imply turning. Or a popup icon for the direction like these:
  18. [Dev Log] Heely Kids

    Ball slide! LoL.
  19. The hornshoe is so good! I could probably play a whole game with those kinds of puzzles.
  20. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Wow that's looking great! Can't wait to see how you generate the landmarks.
  21. Darkest Dungeon is fun. I remember when it came out it was big on with thousands of viewers.
  22. The transcript link leads to a 404.
  23. I often have Cryo Chamber's livestream on the background and it has a stupid good description "24/7 Dark Ambient Music Livestream for Studying Lovecraftian Tomes" I'm planning the overall progression and puzzles now, it's pretty tricky yet engrossing. I really haven't done stuff quite like this before. Top secret censored material: edit: WOoo, 420 posts
  24. [Dev log] Curling

    Nice, I was hoping someone would do a curling game. Welcome to the forums, sonny!
  25. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Ooooh, nice! When I saw this as one of the recomendations I was thinking it could make for a cool Bernband-alike. This is kinda different, but very neat. Looking forward to seeing how the proc gen turns out.
  26. [Dev Log] Shoehorned

    Yeah, controls are very fun/intetersting and very hard, which seems exactly what you want in a game like this. I hope there will be some gentler terrain at first for a moment before getting into full Foddy territory
  27. [Dev Log] Shoehorned

    This is really cool. The idea is super neat and it's actually pretty fun, even when you keep failing.
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