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  2. Looking for new projects!
  3. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    There is a Discord but Slack is the active one. 051 is gonna send you an invite
  4. Trailers For Turkeys In this episode Derek and Ric are talking good trailers for bad movies. Also, everyone's favourite blue hedgehog is back to break the internet again and so we dive into Trailer 2 for Sonic... Trailers Discussed: Sonic the Hedgehog, Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever, Ultraviolet, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Prometheus Teaser Trailer, Silent Hill, Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer 1, Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer 2, Godzilla: King of the Monsters Final Trailer. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  5. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    It looks like this doesn’t work again, also is Slack the preferred choice over Discord (if there even is one)? If someone can DM me an invite that’D be superb.
  6. Half-Life 3

    More Half-Life games are coming according to Valve See you in 2022
  7. Hey folks, @zerofiftyone, @Thrik and I are meeting in Nottingham for drinks next week. If anyone's in the area, please come along!
  8. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Sprint is actually a term used in the very specific methodology called Scrum. There are other methodologies that fall under "agile" that may use different terms or not even do sprint-like things (e.g. Kanban)
  9. Half-Life 3

    A few weeks ago i was thinking about valley of the gods, i think because the game awards stuff started up and it was two years ago the trailer was shown off at the awards. Anyway having a quick google, i found the campo santo youtube trailer was now private and when i attempted to access the valley of the gods website, my kaspersky internet blocked the site so i thought the game must be dead But trying again today and the website works. So something has happened to Valley of the gods website in the last couple of weeks. Anyhoo, i guess the games not dead, but yeah i recon it'll be a VR game, but maybe also able to play with a controller? I just don't know what the game is: In the Valley of Gods is a single-player first person video game set in Egypt in the 1920s. You play as an explorer and filmmaker who, along with your old partner, has traveled to the middle of the desert in the hopes of making a seemingly-impossible discovery and an incredible film. Like is there going to be scifi elements. Creating a film? Crystal skullllllllllls. Either aliens or time travel. or maybe like a Shanghai la type scenario . Maybe this is all to high concept, but what exactly are you finding and filming in the desert/ruins Back to half life 3, i got the impression from that video interview that they're going to be working on more Half Life next. Will that be a big all platform mouse/controller game... I don't know. Is there anymore room for new innovations in the first person shooter space? especially going back after making a 'full motion controlled VR game'. Press F to pay respects to a mouse & keyboard controlled Half Life 3
  10. Hooray, new ep! Apparently Derek edited the excellent Half Life Alyx trailer, which I've seen nothing but good feedback for!
  11. Half-Life 3

    If it's the case that they all came in, did good work on Alyx and then make Valley as a VR game, I'm happy with that result even though I'm probably not going to get to play any VR games for quite a while - once I can, will be great to have a new awesome HL game to play and to see what the Campo Santo team can do with a 'walking simulator' game using high levels of VR interactivity and Valve money. And if Valley turns out not to be VR that's fine too. As long as it still gets made (or at least we get a different CS game instead, I guess)!
  12. Half-Life 3

    Shocker Blatantly the whole of campo santo just went and worked on half life day 1 when they moved to value. i saw Tom Francis tweet that this has been in development in some form for 4.5 years, then apologised in a following tweet that the official statement is that they’ve only been working on it since 2016, 3 years from that Geoff Keighley interview . Either way this has been worked on for a long time, they reached the point when it was time to think about narrative, approached campo, bobs your mothers brother. weirdly the idea of another half game back then was so far fetched. But now. Obviously. It’s the only answer. what that means for valley of the gods. Either nixed or changed into a VR game. Value need to support their hardware. People will be paying £1000 to play half life, they better follow up with another high quality VR game later in 2020. It was being made in unity right, I assume they would have to be making it in the source engine now, I don’t know if that means they’d have to start again from scratch. anyway, aside from all of that, the most interesting thing for me is that Valve are going to open up and talk about all/some of the cancelled games they had been working on the past 10 years. an in depth look at all the stages of half life stuff from the past 10 years would be fascinating
  13. Three Moves Ahead 482: Radio Commander Troy, Jon, and Rob have been to The Nam and deep in "The Shit" this week as they play Serious Sim's narrative wargame, Radio Commander. To what extent is Radio Commander an actual wargame versus a cleverly disguised RTS choose-your-own-adventure? Does the distinction matter? What are the game's politics, and how do they affect Radio Commander's portrayal of contemporary politics? Most confoundingly, the crew wrestle with whether this is a good game that people should play, or merely an interesting experiment. Radio Commander Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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  15. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings! Here are this week’s new free music tracks: On my Fantasy 9 page: AFTER THE FOREST BATTLE – (Looping) On Puzzle Music 5 page: COSMIC PUZZLE – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: MACHINE EVOLUTION – (Looping) Enjoy…and have a great rest of your week!
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  17. War Clicks: an idle strategy game

    Hey all, we just released our newest Trailer ..feel free to check it out: War Clicks - exciting Military Game (Trailer)
  18. IIT Barcode says "DUMBLEDORE"

    I don't think it has been mentioned (if it has, I forgot it anyway). Nice find!
  19. IIT Barcode says "DUMBLEDORE"

    I don't know if this has already been found (if it did, I'm sorry, I couldn't find any references), but the barcode on the important if true thumbnails and logo actually says "DUMBLEDORE". You can check this yourself at this address (free online barcode reader). Don't really know what to make of this other than that it's a fun Easter egg... The other barcodes I think just say the same thing, although I just checked two others. That's all, hope someone finds this interesting!
  20. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi everyone, I’ve created a bunch of new seamless fantasy textures. All free to use with attribution. You’ll find them on these pages: TXR – Bark TXR – Rock/Stone – Fantasy TXR – Vegetation (scroll down for the seamless images) Btw, if you happen to use my music tracks, I’m releasing premium Ogg versions of them on Gumroad for a small fee to help support my website. Give them a try…they sound great! Have a good week…and keep being creative!
  21. Funny enough, Jessica is a former colleague of mine. We were assistant editors at the movie trailer house I got my start in. Small world! No really, it’s a very small industry (though bigger than most people would think)
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  23. Haven't watched it yet, but here's a vid of a trailer editor talking about styles of trailer:
  24. Experienced Composer Available | Sam Foster Sound

    Scoring Vita Unlikely, an RPG:
  25. For some reason, I made a list of movies that prominently feature a swimming pool throught the movie (i.e. not in just one or two scenes)
  26. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Well, I’m up to 1,960 tracks…it’s hard to believe…I might actually reach 2,000 by the end of the year! Anyhow, I just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to those of you who have showed your support for my work and my website…your contributions have allowed me to make my monthly payments on my synths. They are all top-of-the-line instruments and I think it’s reflected in the quality of the sound they put out. The whole point of my soundimage project was to make good-sounding music available to anyone regardless of their budget…and it’s definitely working thanks to you! I’ve been spending time learning my newest synth which will enable me to create tracks in genres that I haven’t done before. I’ll let you know as I open new pages on my site to release them. In the meantime, here’s what’s new this week: A brand new music track on my Action 3 page: FUNKY RUNNIN’ – (Looping) – Maybe for a funky endless runner game? Some cool electronic sound fx on my new SFX – Electronic page: ELECTRONIC STATIC and TELEPHONE STATIC – Perhaps for situations where communications have been knocked out. (They actually sound pretty cool.) On my SFX – Creepy page: EERIE INDUSTRIAL DRONE – (to add to my other creepy drones.) And on my SFX – Environments page: UNDERWATER RUMBLE – Maybe for deep sea environments? Have a great week!
  27. Game Trailers What makes a great game trailer? In this episode Derek and Ric discuss making game trailers, capturing footage, storytelling and how best to represent an interactive experience... Trailers Discussed: Firewatch, BioShock Infinite E3 Demo, Dante's Inferno. Links: Biffa Plays Indie Games, Trailers of the Week If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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