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  2. Haha, that's a good point about the Tom Francis and Nick thing, I was sad to see him leave Crate & Crowbar, but if this does happen (I'm sure it won't but one can dream) that would certainly be an interesting development. I don't have much to say about the main story here since it's mostly already been said, but I am super sad about it for sure :-(
  3. I suspected this might happen. I believe a big reason why this happened is that working in a small company you likely adopt a helpful, DIY attitude. This is something both Chris and Jake have also referred to both on IT and elsewhere. However, in a larger environment like Valve you will receive requests for help/assistance from a multitude of directions, and unless there is someone who makes sure progress happens on them main project, something like this tends to happen. The reasons for helping with Underlords or Alyx or whatever are good reasons and it's good to help. But it's not good for you own project. It's not out of malice or lack of interest, but rather a death by thousand helpful cuts. Of course I might be wrong, and perhaps there were unforeseen challenges with Valley, or perhaps it just wasn't there. But my money is on Campo folks underestimating the destabilizing effect of a larger environment, even to a cohesive team. Still, I'm sure working on Half-Life has its own appeal, and I hope and suspect the move has probably been a good thing for all involved. Even if I'm personally a bit sad there very likely won't be another Campo Santo game or more of Thumbs the cast. Although, Tom Francis just moved to Vancouver. A Nick and Tom cast would either be terrible or great, awesome regardless.
  4. Yeah, it's hard not to be sad about the possibilities of the growing "mid sized indie" scene and what they could bring to it. Sean's a great writer and as the Lords Management fanatic I can't help but think he's on their auto-chess thing now? bleh! Maybe Alyx will be a return to the Origin style of game development where each new game meant a new computer? haha.
  5. Full Throttle Remastered

    I played the remastered Full Throttle and I gotta say that it's indeed less cool than I remember. I guess the teenage me was more easily impressed. I liked the visuals a lot, though. In some sections they make a subtle improvement while staying close to original. I checked walkthrough several times because of being stuck on a dumb thing... I think it's still a good game, maybe not a great one.
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  7. I am torn. I am a big fan of Half-Life and the Idle Thumbs crew so this is good news. I feel Alyx is in good hands. However, I was looking forward to their next game. I really miss Idle Thumbs though.
  8. Other podcasts

    I'm holding off on that (and all these "showrunner walks us through the latest amazing twist" articles) until the series has finished, as they tend to hint at what might be coming up in the next episode or two. But I'm looking forward to listening to all of them, Lindelof's LOST podcast that he did with Cuse (which I also waited to binge once the show had finished) was always fun and thoughtful.
  9. Mauled | Coop Horde Mode Hello, everybody! We're a team of developers and we're working on this game. Mauled is an online third person shooter in hordes mode. Here I leave the link to the Gameplay Trailer. The game is in production, but we're already at a very good stage. We've started a kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to make this dream come true. Here you can find all the details about the game. Even if you don't feel like supporting the project, I still ask you to take a quick look at the page and the game. If you feel like it you can join our Discord server to talk about it openly and create a community! - Discord: Here I leave the official links to Facebook and Youtube.
  10. Trailer Sound Design In this episode Derek and Ric talk about the unique sound design of trailers! Everything from rises to bass drops and Henry Cavill reloading his fists. You'll never listen to trailers in the same way again. Ric also dives deep into the moment to moment sound design of the new Black Widow Trailer. Trailers Discussed or Clipped: London Has Fallen, Crank, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Fountain, The Matrix, Battleship Trailer 2, The Bourne Supremacy, Black Widow, The Fate of the Furious, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible Fallout, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Dark Knight, Antlers. Links: Trailer Music Weekly, Score a Score, Montage MX, Robert Etoll, Boom Library, Big Fish Audio Blockbuster Trailer, Big Fish Cinematic Sound Design, Video Copilot Motionpulse, Bing Bang Boom. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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  12. I just read this thread from the beginning and it is super depressing. I poked Chris on Twitter to ask if this affected the announced platforms when they first came under Valve's umbrella, I was assuming it was going to go PC only. I too was not pessimistic enough.
  13. I am a big fan of Age of Wonders franchise but not so much of AOW3 which has great graphics and contemporary conveniences compared to older games, but is significantly dumbed down in my opinion. However your review of Planetfall makes me want to buy it and try it. A game similar to Planetfall or other TBS games you review is Eador Imperium. I played the earlier Eador -Master of the Broken World along time ago, but did not finish it and never quite got it. Eador Imperium makes some improvements, but mainly I just understand the economy and game systems better and I am enjoying the heck of it. Eador strips down the TBS formula of HMM or CIV to its essential elements, but within its more narrow focus there is a TON of content! The game is very hard at any difficulty so you must learn new tactics and strategies for each map and hero.
  14. Other podcasts

    There's a 'official' watchman podcast with Lindelof, i'm only 20 mins in but its pretty great so far Over three episodes, host Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) discusses Watchmen with its co-creator, writer and executive producer, Damon Lindelof. Join Mazin and Lindelof as they divulge narrative choices, explore the show’s connection with the groundbreaking graphic novel, and how it reflects our modern times.
  15. I was never cynical about them joining Valve to make the game happen as I assumed there were agreements made in place to make sure it would, but this is all very unfortunate, at least from an outside perspective. Knowing how much some of those folks admired Valve's game, I hope they're enjoying working on some of those things at least.
  16. Mh, this sucks. Just read the news on RPS and came here to, I don't know, read something from people who care. Thanks for the Duncan Fyfe Twitter thread Patrick R, he really did care. Very fascinating and sad. I kind of thought that everyone involved at least found something they'd liked to work on more and that's why it died. Mh!
  17. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    I too would like to showcase my game: Trip the Ark Fantastic - an immersive story-driven scientific adventure set in the Animal Kingdom on the verge of industrial and social revolution. Here is the Trailer on Youtube! “Under our homes and under our hearths, civilization itself stands on a story. Words tied us all together, and they could unravel the world. Find it, Charles; uphold the Myth!” Trip the Ark Fantastic features A deep and immersive secondary world set in an Animal Kingdom on the verge of industrial and social revolution, content-rich and filled with intrigue, side-quests and flavor at every step Completely original gameplay mechanics based on the scientific method: research, discuss, experiment, and finally publish arguments in the Animal Kingdom's papers An exploration of how myths, science, and philosophy can influence society, and how monarchies, democracies, and anarchies view power, authority, and legitimacy of rule Gorgeous art including frame-by-frame animation and vibrant landscapes inspired by the golden age of animation, as well as music inspired by the works of R. Wagner A gesamtkunstwerk approach in which the art, music and gameplay all tie closely to the story of scientific discovery and the role of myths in different types of societies The entire development completely done in open-source technologies, including Godot Engine, Krita, Ink and MuseScore, among others Story Trip the Ark Fantastic is a story-driven roleplaying adventure set in the Animal Kingdom on the verge of both industrial and social revolution. The story follows Charles, a hedgehog scholar on a mission by the lion king to save the monarchy, but his decisions could end up helping reformists or even to bring about anarchy. The story revolves around an ancient myth that forms the basis of the Animal Kingdom’s caste system - the myth of the Ark Fantastic. As the myth goes, the ark was built by lions millennia ago to save all animals from a great flood. The king’s gambit is that, amidst whispers of reform and revolution, a reputable scholar such as Charles proving the existence of the mythical ark might sway animals toward a royalist stance, and thus uphold the monarchy. Charles is accompanied by the king’s trusted advisor Philippe the Fox and the captain of the royal guard - Andre the Boar. Their task will lead them to the fringes of the Kingdom and beyond, in search of elusive truth. Gameplay The player progresses through the game by solving the Kingdom’s various problems and mysteries, but his method of solving them is a scientific one - he publishes compelling arguments in the Animal Kingdom’s scientific papers to prove his theories and disprove those of others. Only arguments with sound logic and solid evidence will have the power to sway public opinion and change the course of history. The evidence itself can be found by talking to the local denizens (after learning their language, such as squirrelese), by using scientific equipment (a microscope, or a chemist kit), or, as a true scholar, by “standing on the shoulders of giants” and using evidence from the works of other scholars found in libraries across the Kingdom. The player’s main challenge will be finding all the relevant evidence and then choosing the right conclusions, which are then published and reviewed by his peers, potentially resulting in a boost to his scholarly reputation. Additionally, since Charles’ scientific conclusions can have large-scale consequences on the Animal Kingdom and the monarchy in particular, there is a looming moral dilemma over whether the player should publish a certain argument or not. Themes and inspirations We draw inspiration for the game from modern fables of classic literature, such as Animal Farm or Watership Down, as well as deep story-driven games from the roleplaying and adventure game genres, and games with unique and experimental gameplay mechanics. Our goal is to use the game to explore various types of society (monarchy, democracy, anarchy) and to tackle questions such as how rule is legitimized, what role myths play in the shaping of society, and so on. The animation is drawn frame-by-frame to be reminiscent of early animated classics, and the music takes cues from 19th century romanticism with the use of leitmotifs inspired by Wagner and gesamtkunstwerk opera. The game is developed using open-source software, such as the painting tool Krita and the Godot game engine. Gamechuck studio is also a sponsor to both Krita and Godot Engine and, in the case of Godot Engine, actively contributes to its development. Hopefully you like it and if you have questions, ask them here or on any of our channels. And be sure to check out our website!
  18. It's what I expected when Valve acquired the studio, but this is definitely a case where I'd rather have been wrong than right.
  19. love a soft-reboot wait a minute... is Half Life: Alyx a soft reboot? Retreading familiar ground, revisiting familiar characters in similar predicaments, telling a story that whilst at once an untold prequel, also mirroring past and future events setting up whats to come like poetry, they rhyme. By jove! i think i'm on to something What if... i'm the Gman from the future? I have so much to learn, so many reboots, rebirths, re-imaginings, re-tellings, reliving, past and present becoming one, becoming whole, becoming i must start building my cocoon at once.
  20. I'm getting flashbacks to the Half-Life 3 thread: I think HL-related discussion does something funny to you, Mington. Maybe it soft-reboots you?
  21. But seriously video games no seriously video games my take away from that thread is that it suckkks working in video games fucking wild that there’s a new half life game, like, what if it’s “really good” like wins game of the year 2020 “really good” because all the critic that vote on this shit gets a chance to experience it whilst 0.01% of joe public can’t. And obviously as a game critic you take that into account... but what if it’s actually acccctually that good. Like I know less than 0.01% of “gamers” hasn’t played this shit dog, but yo dog, GOTY! What do?
  22. This is a very good thread worth reading if you want to be even more mad about the news. I knew they'd never be able to continue Important If True while working at Valve and was afraid that In the Valley of the Gods would be the last game they ever made, which just goes to show how little imagination I have for how things could go wrong. There is zero chance I will ever be able to play a VR Half-Life game, nor do I know anyone who ever would, so this is such a bummer.
  23. NIXED! when your animator got his first recognition doing half life first person hand animations. Gets job at Valve with a contract saying you can work on any project, whilst a new VR half life game is in development. What do? seriously though, I wonder how development was shaping up on Valley. Was there going to be an AI controlled partner running around with you the whole time? Perhaps that was a bit janky, as AI companions often are, but in a grounded narrative focused game, potential immersion braking. And required an absolute ton of bespoke animations, that didn’t warrant the work/time /effort for a 4-5 hour game (I bet this was shaping up shorter than firewatch). Could be a case biting off more than you can chew
  24. We already briefly discussed good trailers for (not universally thought of as) bad movies in the Ep 8 thread, where I mentioned Watchmen and Sin City. I often wish there were some way studios could monetise making amazing trailers for non-existent adaptations of comic books etc, because the trailers are often better and really all you need - you get to see what all your favourite bits of the property would look like in live-action and what the general vibe might be, but you don't have to watch two hours of bad decisions. On a tangent, as someone who hasn't played any of the games, I liked the Silent Hill movie! It really felt like being trapped in someone's disturbed mind (I'm sure the games did a lot of the prep work there). The only stuff I didn't like was the pointless Sean Bean subplot, which it turns out was forced into the movie by studio execs who didn't want a film with no male roles in it.
  25. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    I love it, but it's pretty tricky! The sweat beads coming off DG are a nice touch!
  26. My appologies to Mington in that other thread. I thought he was being overly doomy and gloomy, but he was right! Man, this Valve open structure thing. I'm sure it's great for people who work there, but it doesn't seem especially great for maintaining focus or actually finishing projects.
  27. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    Congratulations, very cool. I love the look.
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