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  2. OK I JUST PRESSED THE BIG BUTTON! And with that, this thing I've been working on for the last year is now a thing which people can buy on Steam. I'm exhausted. I need to go for a walk and clear my head.
  3. Frozen 2

    fuck can't say that I didn't appreciate the forum whjle it lasted. !Blast
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  5. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Big news, guys! All of my tracks on my Dark/Ominous page are now available as very high quality Ogg files. They sound amazing…almost as good as the original WAV files that they were created from…and are much much smaller in size…perfect for video games. Give them a try. On that note, some people have asked me why I’m offering Ogg files when they can simply convert my free MP3 tracks to Ogg themselves. You are certainly welcome to do this, but it won’t increase the quality of the tracks at all because you’re starting with MP3. The reason my Ogg files sound so great is that I’m creating them from my original WAV recordings. That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my Fantasy 10 page: SKY DRIFTERS – (Looping) SKY DRIFTERS 2 – (Looping) On my Positive / Upbeat page: THE BALLOON HEADS DAY OUT – (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 5 page: FUNKY PUZZLER – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: DESOLATE STREETS IN A MACHINE WORLD – (Looping) ELECTRIC DRIZZLE – (Looping) Enjoy…and keep being creative!
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  7. Drift Worlds - My first game release

    Here is a new gameplay trailer for everyone to enjoy!
  8. Episode 300: Vietnam '65

    Has the show ever covered Rebel Inc, an iOS COIN title that I am really enjoying?
  9. Released! “A brilliant, joyous, clever and generous experience.” 4.5/5 – ThumbSticks “This is a gag delivery device with a seriously good hit rate” 83% – PC Gamer “Great mash-up of indie platforming and classic adventuring.” 8/10 – TheSixthAxis
  10. I've played TW since Shogun 1. I just happen to have an enduring fandom for Warhammer fantasy since my teens so I really do care about the fates of the various nations in the Old World. I just have zero context for what is happening in Han China.
  11. Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    I ended up getting one and I love it. It's built quite well and feels very solid. It's heavier than I thought it would be, but feels comfortable in my hands. I've played the SNES game suite and Skyrim, and the small screen definitely makes some aspects of Skyrim tougher - text can be challenging. But all in all, I'm more than happy with my purchase!
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  13. Drift Worlds After years of solo development I am excited to finally say I have released my pride and joy, Drift Worlds. Drift Worlds is an arcade racer that meets real world graphics. It has aspects of both outrageous scenarios and real world physics. You will find yourself driving across desert plateau's, above the clouds across snowy tundras or deep in the depths of a volcano. There are plenty of levels that I will constantly be expanding on and with dozens of cars to choose from there will be plenty to work towards. The Idea is simple. Enter a level and race against yourself or against the current record holder. You will work towards getting 5 stars for the level to unlock more and to earn more money. It also has real crash physics that will dint and damage your car the more you crash and fall. This has been over 2 years in the making and I would really appreciate some feedback that I will do my best to take into account. Here is the game trailer with all in game footage and the Play Store link.
  14. I didn't know anything about 3K but have really enjoyed playing TW:3K as a historical epic. On the other hand, even though I love the Total War series, TW:Warhammer left me bored and I've bounced off every campaign despite repeated tries. It may be for some of us, once you develop a mindset about what Total War is, it's hard to cross over to a completely different context (i.e. historical v. fantasy).
  15. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    More brand new free music tracks are ready for your projects: On my Chiptunes 3 page: NOSTALGIC FOR ARCADES – (Looping) On my Fantasy 10 page: TROUBLED LANDS – (Looping) On my Introspective / Emotions page: DEEPER THAN FRIENDSHIP On my Puzzle Music 5 page: LIGHT PUZZLES 4 – (Looping) And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: MORE MECH MONSTERS – (Looping) Enjoy…and don’t forget my super high-quality Ogg tracks.
  16. Announcing another latest Dan And Ben game: Devil's Kiss. It's $2 or bundled FREE with Lair Of The Clockwork God, it's a visual novel prequel about Dan and Ben meeting in high school, and it's great fun. Please feel free to wishlist (wishlisting Lair Of The Clockwork God is more important, but you can do both)!
  17. Three Moves Ahead Episode 489: Mandate of Heaven

    There is the amazing podcast series -
  18. Any suggestions on the best way to get into the Three Kingdoms? I ask because I feel like my complete lack of familiarity with the characters is really hurting my enjoyment of a game I otherwise think is the best Total War game mechanically. I just don't care at all about Liu Bu while I find myself deeply invested in the fated of Karl Franz and Tyrion.
  19. Three Moves Ahead Episode 489: Mandate of Heaven

    About Lu Bu, there is an event, where he shows up at your (or someone else) court and ask for a province and the rest you can imagine how it unfolds. Also there is event for Lu Bu joins you if you plays as Dong Zhou in his earlier start. Yeah, the Eight Prince start is on the timeline. It was ok, nothing special, it adds a couple of units and unique starts, but nothing exceptional, also it doesn't really model its downfall in noticeable ways. But that dlc had the best trailer and song. It is possible to change/add models (I am not 100% sure, but I saw people posting mods about changing this or that character)/portraits, in fact there are several mods, which do either or both of them. In fact, one of the first mods which I saw around was ones which add portraits from DW to Three Kingdoms. CA said that this year we are going to see the Nanman, but from what I could remember, there is something about before that we are going to visit Cao Cao and Lu Bu in the central plains.
  20. Designer Notes 51: Michał Drozdowski and Przemysław Marszał In this episode, Soren and Leyla Johnson interview Creative Director Michał Drozdowski and Art Director Przemysław Marszał of 11 Bit Studios, best known for their work on This War Of Mine and Frostpunk. They discuss why This War of Mine does not judge the player and why Frostpunk does. Games discussed: Anomaly, Anomaly: Korea, Anomaly 2, Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker’s Journey, This War of Mine, Frostpunk Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  21. Works like a dream. Thank you for fixing.
  22. I was wondering if I'm going def, or if my sound driver had gone missing. Thanks, at least I know I'm not imagining things.
  23. Three Moves Ahead Episode 489: Mandate of Heaven

    Thanks for the reports everyone. We're on it and hope to fix it later today!
  24. I’ve DMed Troy Goodfellow about this and he said he’s going to let Rob know.
  25. Which is a devastating comment on the game....
  26. You uploaded a empty file. No sound. Just silence.
  27. Three Moves Ahead 489: Mandate of Heaven Rob, Brian "Chef Lu Bu" Smawley, Rowan, and T.J. discuss the Mandate of Heaven expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Brian has been radicalized the populist vision of the Yellow Turbans and feels like only Zhang Jue has put in the work to lead China to a glorious new age. Rob and T.J., meanwhile, feel that incremental reform is the way to go. Rowan is out for themselves, but is also starting to wonder if that old Total War campaign inertia might not be settling in. Total War: Three Kingdoms, Mandate of Heaven Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  28. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Greetings! This week’s new free (with attribution) music tracks are: On my Funny 7 page: COMMANDER FART HEAD – (Looping) SCOPING IT OUT WITH THE ANT HILL GANG – (Looping) MORE SEWER SLIMERS – (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 5 page: PONG-A-LONG – (Looping) OGG NEWS Very high quality Ogg versions of the following tracks are now available on my Dark/Ominous 2 page: MIDNIGHT FOG – (Looping) MIDNIGHT MIST MORE SEWER CREEPERS – (Looping and Standard) OMINOUS UNDERGROUND GOINGS-ON THE SECRET LAB FUTURE GOTH – (Looping) CREEPY STREET PERFORMER – (Looping) Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for daily updates as I release new tracks: Enjoy…and keep being creative!
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