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  2. Marvel movies

    Hey I watched Avengers Endgame yesterday. Here's my spoilerific thoughts:
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn: Mechanically...fine? I hated the story and characters so much. I tend to bounce off of games or media that do the whole "far-future" or "alternate" timeline thing where everything has some sort of adorable alternate noun and this game felt like that 100%. It's like a non-numbered final fantasy game title that came to life somehow. Oddly final fantasy games are very much what I described but usually don't rub me the wrong way like this did. It also came off very flat in the acting and plotting from what I played of it. Red Dead Redemption 2: While I never finished the first one, I enjoyed what time I spent with it despite it's adherence to rockstar mission structure. The second one....I played for maybe an hour and never touched it again, I just felt absolute no need to play it more, partially due to the million dudes approach to rockstar game missions. I found the main character's voice to be very irritating which did not help. Fallout 3 and on: On paper I should be interested in these? Literally never clicked with me, not a single one. Felt too aimless...and I feel like what the systems are going for in theory and what they actually do don't actually match up, at least in terms of survival. Stalker: Call of Pripyat is the best fallout game! Fortnite: I....don't know why this game is so huge? The building aspect is cool I guess, but I just found myself so...bored, even when doing well. I was kind of angry at how boring it was, and I didn't even pay for the damn thing. I've always enjoyed multiplayer shooters and I just could not deal with this game and uninstalled it within 2 hours of installing it. Somewhat with you on Breath of the Wild. The mechanics didn't bother me but the game just didn't really grab me either, I played a while and just kind of stopped caring and haven't touched it again.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I have this a lot, I can sometimes be picky or just have a bad first impression of a game and never go back to it. Most recently I bounced off Breath of the Wild, I found the weapon switching to be annoying, then got confused by cooking and never looked up a guide on how to do it. It was a pretty game I was interested in exploring but I just never got back to it. I also find that some games interest me but their mechanics super don't. I Tried to get into Ashen (my first soulslike) and hated the combat a ton. However because I was on PC I just cheated my way through to explore the world and see where the story went. Planning on doing the same when Sekero goes on sale
  6. Three Moves Ahead 467: Hard Times or Easy Living Rowan, TJ, and Rob and joined by Jon Bolding to talk about how the difficulty discussion and "designer intent" maps to strategy games... or doesn't. We discuss games that go out of their way to highlight a specific "way it's meant to be played" and whether that actually holds up in reality. We also talk about customization options and, when all else fails, the glorious tradition of house rules and outright cheating to find the way to play that "just right" for you. XCOM, Battle Brothers, Total War, StarCraft, Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  7. I definitely had the same feeling with Horizon Zero Dawn. At it's best moments, it almost feels like I'm playing Vanquish, but the robots are a bit more like dinosaurs! I'd love more of that, but what were the characters names again?? ...what was I doing on this quest? I find all of the plot and personality just dull as a rock, sorry Guerrilla Games. It actually reminds me of when I played Assassin's Creed 1. I know they'll make a sequel, and I hope they just get wild with the movement, sliding, climbing, swinging, fluid dinosaur combat, ripping guns off stuff and slam-dunking mind-control grenades in their heads. The combat was nice, and had room to get better, but I don't need another save-the-world Video game plot and a village full of robotic NPC dialogue to skip through.
  8. Last week
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was access to the gaming session with Mark you said you had. I believe you said it was recorded. I would really be interested in watching this to help learn how to play myself.
  10. Here is my favorite piece of writing about RDR2: Here's the polygon film crit hulk piece:
  11. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings, Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution: MAGICAL BACKSTORY – (Looping) – This might sound nice under the menus, backstory, etc., in a mystical fantasy game, RPG or maybe a visual novel. DRIFTING AWAY IN PUZZLE LAND – (Looping) – Sometimes…(actually lots of times)…I wish I could do just that. Anyhow, this is a variation of one of my other themes. FUTURE FUNK – (Looping) – Here’s a grungy looping piece with a mechanical feel and a funky vibe that might sound cool in a sci-fi game of some kind. Enjoy!
  12. Polygon (which I currently can't visit or link to because they will undoubtedly have articles on Avengers Endgame) posted a Film Crit Hulk article recently that was quite critical of the game and mentioned lesser-discussed flaws about how the controls are messed up. Might be worth a read.
  13. I promise you weren't alone, I just try to not be a bummer and we didn't have this thread as a home for me to be a negative Nancy when that game launched.
  14. Once upon a time I tried to get into Red Dead Redemption. I can see what other people might like about it but nothing clicked for me. I wasn't pulled into the story, I didn't enjoy any of the mechanical aspects of the gameplay, and I found a lot of it very tedious and uninteresting. I shouldn't have been surprised because it's a perfect storm of things I really don't like: Westerns, open world games, and Rockstar jank. When RDR2 was announced I felt like the only person in the world that was completely uninterested in any part of it.
  15. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    New cartoon-style texture images are ready here: TXR – BRICK - Cartoon TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT - Cartoon TXR – GROUND – Cartoon TXR – METAL – Cartoon TXR – WOOD – Cartoon I hope some of them come in handy!
  16. I'm sure I've had tons of these experiences, but nothing readily comes to mind. There are some genres that I just don't care for that much (brawlers, beat 'em ups, sports), where I understand something is quality but I simply don't like that gameplay. I think the biggest one of those is Smash Bros Ultimate. I enjoy playing it, but I will forever feel it's not really 'my' game, because I'm not good enough at it for any sort of real mastery. Hours in, I'm still just noodling away pressing buttons. I'll never get the hang of it, also because I won't invest enough time in it to git gud. As a result, I feel I'm only scratching the surface. Double feeling, since I do enjoy my time with it.
  17. Life

    These thumbs are idler than ever!
  18. I feel you on Dead Cells. I can appreciate the intricacy and the skill of it all, but beating a boss or getting a cool new blueprint just leaves me feeling exhausted and frustrated, not exhilarated like in Dark Souls.
  19. Filmmaking

    I gave up on the idea in the previous post about making the movie understandable only by sound. That would be a totally different discipline and I have enough on my plate as it is. I think I have an actually close to final cut of my movie, but we still have a lot of sound mixing and editing , color correction and grading to do. And to create proper credits with bloopers and stuff. Still, if anyone wants to see the current state and give some feedback, let me know by PM and I'll send you a link. I might also have to prepare some questions like Patrick did when he shared his movie, so I might take a couple of days with getting back to you, though.
  20. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Finished the main story last Thursday and the epilogue a few days later. Initially a bit disappointed that the epilogue (or the epilogue to the epilogue, for that matter) didn't feature Anyway, after that disappointment wore off I really enjoyed the epilogue, perhaps even more than the main story. It's much more focused and straightforward. Anyway, after the end credits rolled I wanted to let our hero settle down and take it easy, but I wasn't prepared to give up on my ramblin' ways, so I booted up the Red Dead Online, and thus begun... The Adventures of Loretta (and Lil' Horsey) So far I'm really enjoying Online, tho I don't interact with other players much, I'm mostly just treating it as an extension of the SP, doing missions on my own. The story isn't overlapping with the RDR2 story in any way I've noticed, but I was glad to see some familiar faces from RDR1 that don't show up in the main story.
  21. Life

    sun's out, thumbs out! Been very nice weather in the UK this last week.
  22. Oh I got a lot of these. From the past few years: Uncharted 4 - Played Uncharted 3 first, liked it a lot. Then 2, which felt kinda stale in comparison. Never played the first game. When 4 rolled around I mainly played it because of how much I'd loved The Last Of Us and wanted to see what Naughty Dog would do next. It never grabbed me. I dragged myself through the entire story, bored the whole time. In retrospect, I think one Uncharted game was enough for me, should've stopped after the first one. Horizon Zero Dawn - Yeah yeah it's pretty and competently made and all that, but it just feels like a repeat of a dozen other open world stealth-action games I've played in the past. Also the human stealth-bits aren't as good as in most other games of this style, and I'm not really into the whole monster hunter aspect of it. Dead Cells - It looks great and has been hyped to hell and back, but I'm just not feeling it, man. I don't think this kinda Spelunky-esque procedurally generated platformer thingy is my kinda thing. Speaking of which... Spelunky - Yeah I didn't like this either. God Of War - It's just that I don't like the combat and I don't like the parts inbetween the combat. I do like the characters tho, but not enough to keep playing, so after I failed the big round elevator-bit like 4 times in a row I was like fuuuuuuuck this and uninstalled.
  23. It's common for me to drop off a game after trying it initially and then coming back to it much later and it being my jam. I think what I want from games fluctuates and that initial part where I try it out is used as a reference for when I want something like it. Kayne and Lynch 2 is a great example of this. At first I was like "no". Then later I played all the way through it and loved it because I wanted something like that. I think that's what happened, I might have a false memory. Then of course there are games I have yet to get into. I guess I should name one of those. ... I haven't gotten into Yakuza yet, but I tried it out for a bit. The entire thing seems arbitrary and daunting even though I'm curious about it due to so many recommendations and my interest in the setting.
  24. I bought Star Traders: Frontiers last year on the dual recommendations of Rock Paper Shotgun and Tom Chick. It is everything that they say it is: a breathtakingly vast space sim where you can do well as an illegal or legal trader, a mercenary, a diplomatic courier, a pirate, a spy, or any mix of those roles. It's got as many interlocking systems as a Paradox game and it truly does its best to let you engage with or automate them, whatever your taste is. And yet I've played over twenty hours without really clicking with it. It seems at once too deep (the reputation and character RPG systems, especially) and too shallow (you make money to make more money to make even more money). I recognize it as an objectively good game, and I keep wanting to come back to it, but I just can't connect. Have my tastes changed? Is it the presentation, which is admittedly anemic? I don't know. Do you have any games that you should like and that you keep trying to like, but just... don't?
  25. New Aztec City Sim

    Hey Guys, I am a huge fan of the old classics from impressions games like Pharaoh, Emperor, Caesar 3. The Aztec History always fascinated me and I always wanted to have a game with aztecs in the impressions games genre. Since there is no such game I decidet to create one myself together with a coder. We are in development for over one year now but there is still a lot to do. Here you can see a screenshot from one of our latest versions. For more informations check our devlog: or our twitter It would be so great to hear your thought, opinions and wishes so we can create a solid game.
  26. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    Does anyone (probably @Thyroid) have any recommendations for something like this? After weeks at work of desperately trying to avoid spoilers, I've given in and caught up on the show (I stopped at season 5 previously). It's a shame, but there's no way I'll go another ten years, or however long it takes GRRM to get WoW and DoS out, without accidentally learning every plot beat and moment anyway. Once it ends, I'm going to do a re-read, including the Hedge Knight stories, and then my first read of the released WoW excerpts and Fire And Blood.
  27. Wishlisted! This looks pretty great. Happy to see those two guys again
  28. Star Wars Episode 9

    It'll be fine. I'm incredibly surprised people are genuinely still upset about The Last Jedi. I'm at the same time very happy that they're taking a break for a while, but I bet it won't be long and there'll be another deluge of Star Wars content before long. Are we getting nostalic yet for the time when it took 20 years of waiting for another movie to come out?
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