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  2. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Got polygons working...mostly. Insetting works most of the time. But when forming clusters of triangles and then merging them into polygons it occasionally fails. Especially the part where it tries to "walk along" the edges of the polygon to make sure it actually is a closed shape. Well, progress is slow but maybe I'll crack that nut tomorrow.
  3. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    Oh, no, I don't think I'm being down on it. It's not particularly thoughtful, or full of insight, but it's useful and/or fun stuff.It's there to serve a population of people who care about games (and the subculture surrounding them), which means that it's mostly stuff that serves that need, with occasional in-depth stuff.
  4. Loving the UI for the map and shoe types, in addition to the mechanics looking ace. I was listening to some LOFI BEATS TO STUDY BY and it synced with your shoehorn gif in a pleasing way.
  5. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Thanks, I hope some of my work is helpful! :-) Greetings Earthlings! This week’s new free tracks are: On my Sci-Fi 8 page: page: STRANGE LANDS – (Looping) – Perhaps on an alien world? On my Fantasy 9 page: OF OTHER WORLDS - Here’s a dreamy, far away sounding piece that might work under the intro screens of a game…or perhaps something else. QUIRKY MAGIC – (Looping) – Perhaps for casting spells in an RPG? I try very hard to create and upload at least one new free piece of game art each day. Feel free to friend me on Facebook to get daily updates in your news feed. My page is here: Finally, if you need some affordable custom work created (music, sound effects, images, etc.,) feel free to email me. My email address is here: Enjoy!
  6. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    I'm just about finished with the house model. I'm cleaning up some railings and windows yet, which require some alpha mask stuff. Also the proportions of Barbie are surprisingly difficult to replicate with a first person controller, but I think I got her moving through doorways and such appropriately now. I think I am going to tackle some logic before I get deep into props production as I think I am going to want a system that is easy for just dropping new props into before I have a bunch of them to work with.
  7. Man that is sounding great! such a clever design idea! also the spinning gif whilst the video was playing was oddly mesmerizing and satisfying
  8. I now have all the shoes functional (the warp shoe looks really awkward in action without any effects). I mainly play with the curse shoes here, I added a fun changing sound and the ability to fast fall when pressing jump in the air. All the level stuff is of course placeholder but I have the whole game world connected now. + I endorse using your shoehorn as a relaxing fidget spinner and a finger strengthener.
  9. Such an adventurous and slap-dash attitude to life is anathema to my very existence.
  10. The joke was worth it! I am sitting down to work on the walking (i.e. crawling) mechanics now, and I am tempted to make it procedural... I really don't have a solid plan here.
  11. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Nice collection.
  12. Last week
  13. Haha thanks, I'm glad you like the cast! I've always loved trailers so I can't relate to disliking trailers, but I sympathize when I hear from people who I can tell don't require as much convincing to see a movie than the market research and surveys suggest. This is pure speculation, but I think very avid film fans are in the minority, and the rest of the people are the ones who need to see more of a movie in a trailer in order to be convinced. Whenever I went to the theater and overheard people saying "What should we watch?" it blew my mind to think people go to the movies without knowing exactly what they're there to see, but I think there are probably a lot of people who do that because they're not the ones watching trailers online, reading reviews and everything film buffs tend to do. I have no preferences for when people should watch trailers, but I hope the podcast increases appreciation for the form!
  14. [Dev Log] Heely Kids

    Thanks Zirrus! Today has been a bit of a slower day, I did manage to get the first iteration of my tilt randomization going so the further the player leans in either direction the greater the random tilt effect. Also I prepped some code to allow for right-angled turning for the time being, just needs testing, but this might change altogether after we get some actual level designs done and it stops looking like a slide
  15. I really like the look of that style of old rpgs/adventure games. If there were multiple bars to visit you could call it a bar crawler (one bar is enough, just had to make that dungeon crawler joke)
  16. [Dev Log] Interacting with Humans

    Looks and sounds already like another quality Teljoor project
  17. For this wizard jam I am working with a friend, who may also post some later updates in this thread. This will be his first game in Unity and my first time collaborating on a two-week project. To ensure that we can finish it, we have come up with a simple concept that should be very doable but could also be extended if we have time remaining.The basic idea is to have a 'simon says' main game mechanic where the player is presented with a series of instructions and then has to repeat them. As the game goes on the instructions could get more complicated or have to be completed faster. The visualization for the game is based on the endorsement of 'interacting with humans', from episode 7 of Important if True. The player supports a robot learning to talk and interact with humans. The concept is a bit like the 'First Contact' minigame from rhythm heaven, but it should be pretty different in practice since there is no rhythm element and the input uses different types of buttons. We hope to at least implement conversations and maybe also gestures and other ways of communication. To be clear, there is no real choice in how to communicate, it is just for visual interest and feedback indicating if the right buttons were used. In the mockup above the console and buttons are shown in the bottom of the screen. The buttons flash in sequence and the player presses them in the same order. The basic gameplay is currently implemented, but it is only a single fixed sequence with no loop or randomization. The slider and radial buttons are also not functional yet. We hope to have all the planned control types implemented by the end of this week, as well as having the animations, sounds, etc. hooked up so that we can run through a single complete sequence. After that we should also have a better idea of how we can best set up randomized instruction sequences.
  18. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    The version where building get created inside the triangles is done. For now they are just made up of planes. And triangular. I've looked into merging them together, but polygons are a lot more difficult to handle since they can have all sorts of weird shapes. Maybe tomorrow. Then I created a simple FPS controller and went in there... Because of the strange angles the city has a rather alien feel to it at the moment. But I'm happy with the result so far.
  19. I wasn't completely sure that I would have time to make a game this time around, and that uncertainty remains, but I'm going to try goshdarnit!! I am basing my game on Nick's endorsement from Episode 3: Finding and frequenting your neighborhood bar. Whether it will make for a good game or not, I decided to do an NES-style mashup of Wizardry/Dragon Warrior (Quest)/the Mac Venture Games. Is this too ambitious for this jam? Probably so, so I am going to adapt as I go. I will try to cut things down to their essence as far as battle/item systems go. Also, I am not sure yet if the game will involve one trip to the bar or let you come and go several times until you can "conquer" it. This whole thing is being developed very free-form, so I just don't know. So far, I have created the basic layout of the screens and started coding up a system to display each space on the map in the "corridor" view window. I also set up the system to display the text character-by-character at a reasonable speed, as shown in my one lowly screenshot so far. Hopefully I can get about done with the mapping/viewing system tonight and then on to movement.
  20. Something True 2.1: Cœurs Brûlant Something True is back, with the story of a celebrated opera singer who set fire to a convent and whipped the buttocks of Parisian lotharios. Luciano Pavarotti? No, Julie d'Aubigny, who in 17th century Paris delighted the upper classes from the stage and duelled them in the streets. Join us for the dramatic, passionate tale of a life lived fast and furious. Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website. Follow Something True on Twitter @atruepodcast. (Or just follow Duncan and Alex.) Music on this week’s episode: Kai Engel – Sunset* Lee Maddeford – BAM* Gillicuddy – Springish* Podington Bear – Blue Highway* Sunsearcher – Flamenco Rhythm* Jelsonic – Saying Goodbye In The Rain (piano) Francesco Paolo Tosti - Aprile (backing) *modified for the podcast. Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  21. [Dev Log] Heely Kids

    That seems to be coming along very nicely!
  22. Thanks everyone! Ya, that's where my mind went when I played Munch's Oddysee back in the day too! Does it actually look like a G or is it the power of suggestion? Haha! I did make the font though so it's not perfect. It's fine if they see that. I think, at the least, it's meant to be a goofy word for a thing to collect. I should have more later today!
  23. Man, that video is looking really good.
  24. Wizard Jam 9 *Team Seeking Thread*

    What I'm Doing: Music/Sound Design I contributed to a few games in Wizards Jam 5 + 6 + 7 + 8. I'm definitely more interested in the music side of things, but I can do small bits of sound design if it is required. Contact Info: Here on the forums, on the slack for the duration of the jam (@atlantic), or via email at attlantic [dot] jam @ gmail [dot] com Time Zone: GMT/UTC Portfolio: For Wiz Jam 5 I contributed music and sound design to The Calster's A Thousand Dormant Machines, and music to Zirrus' Prepare for the Jelly and BenX's The Robot's Lips. For Wiz Jam 6 I made some cyberpunky music for both SuperBiasedMan's Get Hoisted and Mythalore's ICE Wave/NEON Shell. For Wiz Jam 7 I provided music for SuperBiasedMan's Our Newest Show. For Wiz Jam 8 I made emotional ambient music for Nappi's Palpable Dreams and JRPG style battle music for jonbjohns' The Death of Nick Breckon. I want to break out of the electronic style that I've been doing for Wiz Jam games up until this point but in the end it'll depend on whatever would best suit your game. Here's a Soundcloud link with all the music and more:
  25. Excited to see this continue! You might change your HUD font slightly so the "C" is definitely not read as a "G" in SPOOCE. (Unless that is intentional?)
  26. I think the best historical games stray from simulating history itself but instead focus on circumstances of it all. Someone on the podcast said a similar thing, but not quite. Games like Colonization, Vietnam'65 or Afghanistan'11 - and even Civilization in a way. They don't put nations and armies where they were, they allow you to play your own colonizations or vietnams that follow historical rules but happen on another Earth. Another thing is the level of abstraction. Technically everything that happened in history can happen in Civilization (maybe except the appearance of new civs mid-game) because it operates on a higher level. Weird coups, conquests, rebellions and inheritance systems only work through special events in EU4 and especially CK2. In Civ you can assume all of this happens in the background. Your bonuses when you play as Russia reflect special inheritance system, feudal fragmentation and cultural nuances, but when you play as Russian count in CK2 it's obvious that you don't get real inheritance system or unique government types.
  27. Movie/TV recommendations

    I also recently learned that! It's a neat detail. My favorite bit from Into the Spider-Verse is when Miles and Peter are escaping after stealing the computer and Miles throws a bagel at one of their pursuers. As it hits the guy the comic sound effect that pops up says "BAGEL"
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