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  3. Idea: Card Universe

    Note: I have little to no experience in game design or software development and my skill level at coding is rudimentary at best. If you find my idea interesting, I appreciate it. If you'd like to steal it, I'd appreciate that too. Overview Card Universe is a persistent online multiplayer video game that features a mix of 3d Platforming, rouge-like, and Open-World Action RPG elements. The story is that the player is a human from the real world that discovered a magical artifact called a Binder that enables them to send their consciousness into a place called The Universe of Imagination, where humanity's thoughts and feelings create cards which can materialize into tangible objects and forces, with humanity's evil thoughts and feelings becoming dangerous things like monsters and hazards. As an Avatar, the player can gather cards and use them or store them in their Binder for later use, which also serves as their map, method of communication, and information reference. The main goal of the game is to gather cards, level up, and survive. If the Avatar dies, they lose everything and are sent back to the starting point. Cards Like the name of the game suggests, the main purpose of the game is the accumulation and use of cards. All cards are stored in the Hand for immediate use or in the Binder for later use. The Binder has pages that store cards in a 3x3 section on both sides of the page and more pages are added for every 10 levels. Each card has a limited number of uses and once used up must be found again in the game world. Power Cards: Allows the player different actions and abilities. Come in various subcategories. Ability Power Cards: Can be used instantaneously, lose uses for each successful active use. (Ex. swinging a sword, walking on a wall temporarily, launching a fireball) Tactical Power Cards: Creates an independent object that can assist the player or harm them if used improperly. Used when damaged. (Ex. bait to attract monsters, a springboard-like area, a bubble that entraps anything inside it and can be used as a platform) Conditional Power Cards: Used automatically once certain conditions are met. (Example, neutralizing a killing blow, doing a burst of damage if a foe is at low health, exploding if hit by a fire attack) Boon Power Cards: Grant passive effects or bonuses to the player and can change their primary abilities/capabilities but may make the player more or less resistant to certain things. Effects can stack. Used when Avatar is damaged. (Recucing damage [Armor], hovering at a fixed height while in midair, allowing free movement while underwater) Resource Cards: Cards that can be stacked. Used for a wide variety of purposes. Material Resource Cards: Used to craft other cards or to cause events in the game world without using Power Cards. Consumable Resource Cards: Used to restore Meters and/or grant temporary boosts to Avatar. Location Cards: Cards that are gained upon the discovery of a new location. Can be used to fast travel to said location from a different location. Possess information about the corresponding location such as available cards, monsters/NPCs in inhabitation, and miscellaneous information about the nature of the location. Guardian Cards: NPCs that seek to assist the player with their own sets of stats and meters. Always deployed while in hand and using card may activate special abilities. Artifact Cards: Cards that grant beneficial effects in or outside the binder. Curse Cards: Cards that cannot be removed from the hand once acquired but can be destroyed at certain points of interest or by certain cards. Ritual Cards: Cards that cause widespread effects once certain conditions are fulfilled. On the flavor text of certain cards is a list of materials that an Avatar can take to a Point Of Interest in order to craft a copy of that card. However, all but a few materials are non-specified and any material that falls into the category of the non-specified material such as ore, wood, or leather, can be used in its creation. When used to create a card, the traits of the material are added to that card, like increased damage to certain foes, more uses, or an extra elemental attribute. Progression The primary additive factor that determines the effectiveness of most of the player's actions is their level. All damage dealing and damage reducing/stopping cards scale off of the level in some way. Everyone starts at level 1 and more levels are gained through the accumulation of Points. The Avatar has two counts of points, the Lifetime Point Count (LPC) and the Fluid Point Count (FPC). The LPC is the total amount of points the player has gathered throughout their current campaign and passing thresholds in amounts cause the player to Level-Up. The FPC is the current number of points the Avatar has accumulated and can be spent by interacting with NPCs for cards and other services. Points can be accumulated by killing monsters, selling cards, or finding treasures. Leveling up not only increases the overall effectiveness of an Avatar's actions, but it also increases the Avatar's meters and grants Stat Points (STs). The Avatar has three meters, the Hit Meter (HM) which regulates how much damage the Avatar can take and is regenerated by healing cards, the Action Meter (AM) which regulates how long the Avatar can exert itself and is regenerated over time or instantly with certain cards, and the Special Meter (SM) which regulates how many cards can be placed in the hand at a time. Every Level-Up grants the Avatar 10 STs which can be spent in one of five stats which add 1% to their corresponding statistics. Power increases the HM and the damage done by cards. Energy increases the AM and ads to the effectiveness of cards that block damage. Wisdom ads to the SM and ads to the effectiveness of cards that reduce damage. Instinct ads to the effectiveness of cards that bestow harmful effects on foes and increases the effectiveness of cards that boost positive things. Intuition increases the effectiveness of cards that grant beneficial effects to the user and allies and increases the effectiveness of cards that reduce negative things. Attributes Most cards and forces that can be interacted with have at least one elemental attribute. They are as follows: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness. All monsters are part of a family or hybrid of families that are vulnerable or resistant to certain attributes. Mammal: Fire x1.5 Water x1.5 Earth x.5 Air x.5 Bird: Earth x1.5 Water x1.5 Air x.5 Fire x.5 Fish: Air x1.5 Earth x1.5 Water x.5 Fire x.5 Reptile: Darkness x1.5 Water x1 5 Fire x.5 Light x.5 Insect: Light x1.5 Earth x1.5 Air x.5 Water x.5 Fluid: Fire x1.5 Earth x1.5 Water x.5 Air x.5 Solid: Air x1.5 Fire x1.5 Earth x.5 Water x.5 Mech: Light x1.5 Air x1 5 Water x.5 Earth x.5 Phantom: Water x1.5 Light x1.5 Darkness x.5 Air x.5 Fairy: Darkness x1.5 Earth x1.5 Light x.5 Air x.5 Demon: Light x1.5 Air x1.5 Darkness x.5 Earth x.5 Plant: Fire x1.5 Darkness x1.5 Light x.5 Earth x.5 All Avatars start with a neutral resistance to all attributes, but using Boon cards can raise or lower resistances. Player Experience At the start of every campaign, the Avatar begins at a Hub Location where they can gather simple low-rarity cards. The player can then use a Portal to warp to a new location. Each Location is randomly generated and contains a host of Points of Interest. At every Point Of Interest, an Avatar can obtain Cards by accomplishing certain tasks or discover a utility which can aid them. The tasks can include puzzles, challenges, or minigames. POIs that give out Cards can't be used again until at least a week of in-game time with one-minute real-time corresponding to one hour in the game. Locations also have a host of monsters which can be killed for Cards and Points, hazards, and treasures that grant points upon collection. Dotted across the Location are items which can also become cards once gathered. Certain terrains and POIs may require Cards to enable the Avatar to complete/traverse. Within each Location are hidden Portals that lead to new Locations. Each Location has a limited number of available cards that only recover once said Cards are used or destroyed. When an Avatar is killed, they lose everything and are sent back to the Hub at Level 1 with the Cards in their hand dropping to be available to anyone and the Cards in their Binder being destroyed. Most Locations contain non-aggression zones populated by NPCs. There are various types of NPCs each type with their own likes and dislikes and depending on their disposition to the Avatar they may trade Cards and Points with them, give them information about the Location, or offer a service such as healing, quests, or mini-games. When interacting with other Avatars, the Avatars may assist one-another, trade Cards, share information, or battle to the death. Each Location has at least one powerful Boss Monster that drops many rare cards and plentiful Points upon defeat. Some Boss Monsters stay in a fixed point, others may migrate throughout the Location, and others appear under certain conditions or times. All monsters in a Location respawn after one week of in-game time. There are ways to inflict Critical Hits (double damage) a foe while in combat, such as attacking their weak point (ex. head), their blind spot (ex. back) or while they are unaware of the Avatar's presence. Controls Space: Jump/aerial action/climb WASD: Movement Q: Run E: Interact F: Crouch Mouse: Camera Shift: Lock-on/camera hold, focus Esc.: Binder 1-0: Hand Mouse 1: Hand 1 Mouse 2: Hand 2 Can be adjusted for controllers.
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  5. Yeah, those are the ones we were talking about. I think there were two Sin City trailers, but they both used the same music. The Watchmen teaser cut to music from Koyaanisquatsi was also very good, again because of the practically made-for-trailer shots from the movie. The trailer naming scheme is very inconsistent. Sometimes on the Apple site they even use letters and numbers which look like they're taken straight from the production designations, so you could even have a trailer 1, 3 and 4 but no 2. Or sometimes they're A, B and C. There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast industry standard rule, and sometimes I think letters or numbers got skipped because a trailer got very far, but was then never released, in favor of a new one which was a number higher
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  7. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles Rob, Troy, and Bruce get together to discuss Mark Herman's epic wargame of the Peloponnesian Wars, Pericles. How does it capture the sweep of a vast historical subject that was only sometimes decided through military conquest? Pericles, Hegemony Gold Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  8. I'm totally with you on the Sin City trailer - I was a big fan of the comics and this trailer got me so excited. It was the early days of being able to easily view trailers online, and I went through this one frame by frame, as much as technology would allow. Apparently that second track is an instrumental version of Cells by The Servant, the original of which was also used in The Transporter a few years earlier. It's cheesy but propulsive and kind of Wild Westy, so it's a great choice. The film turned out to make a lot of bad choices on what to keep and what to drop, sadly. I think this is the right one: Similarly, the Watchmen trailer had a great vibe, helped by another great music choice (a deliberate, sleazy Smashing Pumpkins track which iirc was unused from Batman Forever), a great look and more exact panel recreations to pause on. And similarly again, the film turned out to be... misguided. Again, I'm pretty sure this is the right one, but there are some slightly different edits out there and there often doesn't seem to be much attention put into formalised naming of different trailer versions: In fact, I think superhero adaptations are generally a good place to go when trying to find great trailers for awful movies. The Green Lantern trailer was really promising as well!
  9. Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    Nah, my ideal switch would a combination of the two. A Small form factor like the Lite for easier handheld play, but still dockable. Plus the built in joycons are a mistake 1) people are having drifting issues 2) you can't play all games.
  10. Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    I'm not getting one, owning an original already. Also, I'd be hesitant to get any new Switch unless and until Nintendo decisively solve the Joy-Con issues with drift and poor connectivity. The Joy-Cons, for all their wonderful gimmicks, are some of the poorest controllers Nintendo have ever made.
  11. Marvel movies

    I rarely see superhero movies, but decided to watch Spider-Verse because of its high placing on Letterboxd that doesn’t seem to drop as quickly as usual for new movies. It’s really well animated, occasionally just brilliant, but I to me the story and the actor’s deliveries felt occasionally too generic or scripted.
  12. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Hey guys, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a really cool website called Exilian. The site helps facilitate all kinds of creative projects. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: I hope my answers are entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Please feel free to share! That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my History page: ANCIENT TIMES – (Looping) – Perhaps for a history-themed game? On my Sci-Fi 8 page: ESCAPE FROM CYBERPUNK CITY – This piece might sound cool in a dystopic urban-based project. And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, some really nice large city street ambience: STREET CORNER_5-30 – Trucks, taxis, horns, people talking, distant brakes squeaking, cyclist passes, etc. STREET CORNER_5-29 – Scooter idles at corner, traffic passes, brakes squeak, baby heard, air brakes from truck, people talking, trucks pass, distant brakes squeak, etc. Enjoy and keep being creative!
  13. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I picked up Final Fantasy XV over the weekend. I was sold on that sick move where he teleports by throwing a sword. I love the personality and character of the first few minutes! I love my crew of camping j-pop hunks, I like them cooking and taking photos together, but the core plot and all the FF lore is absolutely forgettable as hell! It's such a bummer when the plot gets moving and some lordship is lecturing me about the crystal of galamaore's whim or WHAT-EVER. Please just delete the critical path of this game!! Roaming around on a nice road trip, casting fire spells and equipping a Bronze Bangle would be lovely. I don't want a B-tier anime with a bunch of nothing-people droning out exposition about kingdoms and legacies. I swear Final Fantasy stories used to open with a thief and a wizard sneaking onto a cruise ship to escape the cops. Where did it all go wrong? I feel like Breath of the Wild is the medicine to this game's sickness. I hope the developers of Final Fantasy some day realize what they have. ...or just get better at writing, for the love of god. (I've played Final Fantasy 7, 9 and 12)
  14. I'm looking for a war game that's similar to Crusade in Europe: I think it has the following qualities: 1. strategic rather than tactical level, involving divisions, regiments, etc.; 2. historical (actual names of military units with number of personnel, tanks, etc.); 3. runs in real-time (the player pauses the timer to give orders) with fog of war; 4. not a lot of micro-management: the orders are attack, defend, transport, etc., with supplies sent daily from depots; and 5. air units attack and then return to base. The game offers what-if scenarios (like strengthened and air-dropped units in the Battle of the Bulge), and there are other games in the series (like Conflict in Vietnam, which has a what-if scenario for Dien Bien Phu, and Decision in the Desert, on the WW2 North African campaign). There are links to the games and manuals, but I haven't tried them:
  15. Something True 2.6: L'Arme X Nobody in France had seen anything like it. The boy, Tarrare, could eat whatever he wanted, in enormous quantities, and never felt full or put on weight. Tarrare was just hungry. He was hungry all the time. And as he wandered Paris, eating anything he pleased, he would, in turn, be swallowed up by forces great and sinister. Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website. Follow Something True on Twitter @atruepodcast. (Or just follow Duncan and Alex.) Music on this week’s episode: David Szesztay – Above Us 2* Kevin MacLeod – Enchanted Journey* Oskar Schuster – Sneeuwland* Robert Farmer – Turn the old; return to them* Jahzzar – Guilty* Scott Holmes – Close To The Distance* *modified for the podcast. Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  16. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Greetings fellow creatives, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a website called Exilian. Hopefully my answers were entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: That said, this week’s cool new textures are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some really interesting brick textures. TXR – ROCK/STONE – Seamless Some new stone textures that could be used for old roads, paths, castles, etc. Some have grass between the stones, too. More music is on its way as well as some cool new city ambience sounds. Keep being creative!
  17. I promise this is the last time I'll do this: The Swindle for the Switch is now 60% off in the UK and the US. Well worth £6 or $6 in my biased opinion!
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  19. Gemini Man and International Trailers In this episode we discuss the subtle differences between the 2nd domestic trailer for Gemini Man and its international counterpart. Also the practical and very specific cultural considerations which need to be made when editing trailers for international markets. For more about international trailers watch Ric's LACPUG talk! Trailers Discussed: Gemini Man Trailer 1, Gemini Man Trailer 2, Gemini Man International Trailer, Central Intelligence, The Matrix Revolutions International Trailer, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull International Trailer, Captain America: Civil War, Men in Black International International Trailer. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  20. I would say in terms of playing to completion HOI4 is the easiest. You can get really deep on division designing. But it’s generally pretty accessible. I also think Stellaris is pretty easy to get into. Probably helps that it’s a totally new IP and it let them really start from scratch on a lot of it.
  21. Hello, I'm not asking because I'm looking for advice about which one to pick up, but rather to see if there's a general consensus or whether opinions are divided. For me, I found Crusader Kings II to be far more intuitive than either EU3 or HoI3 (I still haven't been able to crack either game, although I think if I gave EU3 another shot I might get it), due to the reduced economic complexity, and also perhaps because I was more easily able to relate to playing as an actual, literal ruler than as a sort of abstract, omniscient one. I assumed this would be the case for everyone, but I've seen forum posts in which people say that EU3 or HoI3 was their natural entry point to Paradox games, and that they found Crusader Kings II baffling. So I'm wondering which Paradox game you found the easiest to get into, and whether or not you think that says something about your personality. I can definitely say that I'm not really a fan of number-crunching, which is why the focus on political intrigue in CK2 appeals to me a lot more than fine-tuning taxation sliders or re-assigning division commanders. thanks iosman
  22. Something True 2.2: Baatar

    There's no thread for the next episode 2.3, but I wanted to say: very good American accents in that one!
  23. Life

  24. Marvel movies

    Finally saw Away From Home today. Things I liked - ; the end action scene (for once, I could tell what was going on and where everyone was, and it had some character beats. Spidey still didn't get to do much past his basic move-set, though). Things I didn't like - pretty much everything else. All of the comedy was dreadful, the script is flabby and aimless and doesn't gather any energy for the first hour or so, the action is mostly dull and muddled, the exposition is clumsy, and SLJ obviously didn't have much time booked because there's some really sloppy editing papering over cracks in his scenes.
  25. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings fellow creatives, I’ve been super busy for the past week, but I managed to create some new free music tracks for your projects. You’ll find them here: On my Fantasy 9 page: SECRET SPELLS – (Looping) – All alone in the drafty castle…what is that mischievous wizard cooking up? THE LEGEND BEGINS – And so begins the tale. And on my Puzzle Music 4 page: PUZZLE ISLAND – (Looping) – Here’s a fun little piece that has a quirky, magical feel to it with a hint of mystery as well. Enjoy!
  26. Spelunky!

    Delayed until next year.
  27. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a big project, but I managed to get some new free textures done for everyone. They are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some new fantasy cobblestone images. Maybe useful for paths and roads in fantasy-based games? TXR - ABSTRACT Some new abstract textures. Maybe for sci-fi projects? Enjoy!
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