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  2. Gemini Man and International Trailers In this episode we discuss the subtle differences between the 2nd domestic trailer for Gemini Man and its international counterpart. Also the practical and very specific cultural considerations which need to be made when editing trailers for international markets. For more about international trailers watch Ric's LACPUG talk! Trailers Discussed: Gemini Man Trailer 1, Gemini Man Trailer 2, Gemini Man International Trailer, Central Intelligence, The Matrix Revolutions International Trailer, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull International Trailer, Captain America: Civil War, Men in Black International International Trailer. If you have questions or comments please send them to Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  3. I would say in terms of playing to completion HOI4 is the easiest. You can get really deep on division designing. But it’s generally pretty accessible. I also think Stellaris is pretty easy to get into. Probably helps that it’s a totally new IP and it let them really start from scratch on a lot of it.
  4. Hello, I'm not asking because I'm looking for advice about which one to pick up, but rather to see if there's a general consensus or whether opinions are divided. For me, I found Crusader Kings II to be far more intuitive than either EU3 or HoI3 (I still haven't been able to crack either game, although I think if I gave EU3 another shot I might get it), due to the reduced economic complexity, and also perhaps because I was more easily able to relate to playing as an actual, literal ruler than as a sort of abstract, omniscient one. I assumed this would be the case for everyone, but I've seen forum posts in which people say that EU3 or HoI3 was their natural entry point to Paradox games, and that they found Crusader Kings II baffling. So I'm wondering which Paradox game you found the easiest to get into, and whether or not you think that says something about your personality. I can definitely say that I'm not really a fan of number-crunching, which is why the focus on political intrigue in CK2 appeals to me a lot more than fine-tuning taxation sliders or re-assigning division commanders. thanks iosman
  5. Something True 2.2: Baatar

    There's no thread for the next episode 2.3, but I wanted to say: very good American accents in that one!
  6. Life

  7. Marvel movies

    Finally saw Away From Home today. Things I liked - ; the end action scene (for once, I could tell what was going on and where everyone was, and it had some character beats. Spidey still didn't get to do much past his basic move-set, though). Things I didn't like - pretty much everything else. All of the comedy was dreadful, the script is flabby and aimless and doesn't gather any energy for the first hour or so, the action is mostly dull and muddled, the exposition is clumsy, and SLJ obviously didn't have much time booked because there's some really sloppy editing papering over cracks in his scenes.
  8. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings fellow creatives, I’ve been super busy for the past week, but I managed to create some new free music tracks for your projects. You’ll find them here: On my Fantasy 9 page: SECRET SPELLS – (Looping) – All alone in the drafty castle…what is that mischievous wizard cooking up? THE LEGEND BEGINS – And so begins the tale. And on my Puzzle Music 4 page: PUZZLE ISLAND – (Looping) – Here’s a fun little piece that has a quirky, magical feel to it with a hint of mystery as well. Enjoy!
  9. Spelunky!

    Delayed until next year.
  10. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a big project, but I managed to get some new free textures done for everyone. They are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some new fantasy cobblestone images. Maybe useful for paths and roads in fantasy-based games? TXR - ABSTRACT Some new abstract textures. Maybe for sci-fi projects? Enjoy!
  11. Infinite Jest

    I beat Infinite Jest, it was one of the best written door stops I've ever read. Some crushingly effective chapters (even paragraphs) sandwiched in between phenomenally written, well-observed tedium. Pretty sure Wallace hated Brett Easton Ellis but their ability to fill pages full well written nothing is very similar. Maybe Easton is a bit more nihilistic. Glad I read it, but I don't think I'd ever recommend it to a living soul. Unless I find someone that likes a book that is both very bad and possibly brilliant in all of its moments. The errata bits were what almost broke me, so dumb and stupid and pretentious.
  12. Something True 2.5: The Trip to Telegraph Creek Together they set out to chart wildest Canada: a management consultant, a dental student, a Hollywood cinematographer, an ex-sniper, a mysterious treasure hunter, and a cowboy. Nobody believed in their expedition, saying things like, “You don't have the experience” and, “Your horses are diseased.” But Charles E. Bedaux was determined. For him this trip wasn’t about making maps, but the measure of a man. Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website. Follow Something True on Twitter @atruepodcast. (Or just follow Duncan and Alex.) Music on this week’s episode: Lloyd Rogers – Draw Me A Sheep (Act I)* lo-fi is sci-fi – Phase IV* Gablé – grate ok* Jason Shaw – Plantation* Kai Engel – Puddles and Bars* Jahzzar – Dummy* Josh Woodward – Hollow Grove (instrumental Version)* *modified for the podcast. Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  13. Who is going to get the new Switch Lite? I'm currently eyeing up the grey Pokemon edition and will most likely purchase it. There's a lot of people up in arms about it not being good value but I think it's great for people who want a cheaper option to get into the Nintendo franchise. If you're only going to use it on the go then its nice to have a cheaper option and I don't think it really suffers that much in the other comparisons with the original version. Image Source
  14. Something True 2.4: Okaasan

    Ooooh, I liked this one quite a bit, since I adore Japanese history. I'm more than usually confused now at how accurate these stories are, though. Are they complete fiction or humorously adapted retellings of true events? (Sorry if this is utterly clear to everyone else at this point)
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  16. Please keep posting about it here! Looks really cool!
  17. it weird to keep posting here if I seemingly have no respect for the actual Wizard Jam dates anymore, haha? I guess this game is connected to the jam, even when the jam isn't happening? Here's a robot in a rowboat.
  18. I haven't read it yet, but here's a New Yorker article on the rise of sad cover songs in trailers:
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, if you like Tarantino this is more of that. I was never bored while watching it but I found myself kind of scratching my head. Also Margot Robbie is criminally under utilised in this film to the point where I couldn't understand why they bothered. One nice touch is that because of the Tarantino thing, people show up that are pretty big names to do 5 minutes of work and that worked really well for me as I struggle with other films that introduce 'incidental' characters that are big name actors that are blatantly going to come back later, because the film's budget requires it.
  20. Game Pass

    My current recommendations: For the King Moonlighter The Banner Saga trilogy Neon Chrome Void Bastards Old Man's Journey Descenders Steam World Dig 2 Ashen Recore Mutant Year Zero
  21. Games Writing (Writing About Games)

    I am here because of what Ben requested. This is just a review but it nails down why Metal Wolf Chaos is still worth playing:
  22. Website for Game Music

    Hello, I got some new tracks completed. They can be found here on the 2nd page Celtic Piece 2 Celtic Piece 3 Celtic Piece 4
  23. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings, everyone... This week’s new free music tracks are: On my Fantasy 9 page: THE FABLE BEGINS – (Looping) – Maybe under the title screens of an RPG? On my History page: ANCIENT TIMES – (Looping) – Perhaps for a history-themed game? And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: A DETECTIVE IN DYSTOPIA – (Looping) – Hunting down cyber criminals…or maybe something else? All free to use with attribution. Enjoy…and keep being creative!
  24. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Hope you're able to pick it up again!
  25. Yeah, I'm thinking of adding a bit of a magnet effect on the coins that enemies drop (with a much weaker one on the coins you drop when hit) to help with this.
  26. Life

    Awesome! Congratulations, Dr. Gormongous!
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