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  2. Re-listened to this episode in anticipation of Crusader Kings III. I watched Becket and Lion in Winter last year and loved them both. Any other good film recommendations for medieval politics and schemes?
  3. Movie Marathons

    I'd have suggested Leaving Las Vegas (1995), but it is grim for most parts. Cage won an Oscar for it.
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  5. Three Moves Ahead 501: Othercide Rob and T.J. are joined by freelance writer Astrid Johnson to discuss goth girl tactics game Othercide. Othercide Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  6. Movie Marathons

    I think she has a deep seated hatred for both those films and Cage is the central focus of her ire. I found out that Captain Correlli's Mandolin was the favourite film of one of her exes too, which sounds like a bad time.
  7. Three great strategy games (new)

    1st September? That snuck up! I was one of the first to back Iron Harvest (backer 18!) on Kickstarter but it feels so long ago it's like it was in a past life. Love Rozalski's art (who doesn't).
  8. Three great strategy games (new)

    Thank you for sharing! And let's not forget Iron Harvest coming in 1 sept
  9. G'day everyone, If you aren't already aware, two awesome strategy games have just released and a third is coming out. Kube Games - Imperiums: Greek Wars Resistance Games - Company of Crime Grand Tactician - Civil War You can also find a collaborative interview with all three developers here: Cheers, Chris Picone
  10. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Hi everyone, I’ve had a number of requests from developers who wish to download my tracks in bulk so I’ve begun creating Music Packs of my Ogg tracks. So far, I have packs available for all of my Fantasy pages…they are available on Gumroad. Here’s the link if you’d like to check them out: That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: On my City/Urban 2 page CRIME GAME MENU – (Looping) On my Puzzle Music 6 page: QUIRKY CLUES – (Looping) COOL CONTEMPLATION – (Looping) And on my Technology 2 page: BINARY DREAMSCAPE – (Looping) BINARY DREAMSCAPE_VAR1 – (Looping) BINARY DREAMSCAPE_VAR2 – (Looping) BINARY DREAMSCAPE_VAR3 – (Looping) Enjoy, keep being creative and please stay safe. :-)
  11. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    I enjoyed your discussion of the possibility of having a "forever" game. I can't imagine having a game in which I'm playing against the computer fill that role, but then I'm a far more avid tabletop gamer than I am a PC gamer. In that vein, two games I know I'll be playing for the rest of my life are Star Fleet Battles and Advanced Squad Leader. Admittedly, both tactical games, but the depth of depicted detail means I'll probably never know -- much less be able to master -- all of it, and the huge breadth of scenarios for each of them means I could face new challenges and narratives all the time. Combine those features with the infinite unpredictability of human opponents, and it becomes much easier to see how some people gravitate to playing only one game.
  12. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hi Folks, If you can, please consider making a small donation on my site to support my work. The camera I use to create free images for everyone is very expensive...I've been paying it off for some time...and donations from the creative community really help me a lot. That said, brand new free texture images are available on these pages: TXR - FABRIC TXR - FUR Enjoy and stay safe. :-)
  13. Movie Marathons

    I haven't seen Captain Corelli, but isn't he nice in that? And he's a goody in National Treasure, obviously. I wonder whether your girlfriend gets an asshole vibe off him even when he's playing ostensibly nice characters!
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  15. The Power of 45 Brains

    I was looking for that! I let the domain expire a ways back but realized I would've liked a snapshot to remember the project Thanks!
  16. Oh boy..... this is gonna be good.
  17. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    While true, he also has a forum where he replied somewhat recently he doesn't know why he doesn't get invited anymore.
  18. Movie Marathons

    Bad Lieutenant was on the list as was Leaving Las Vegas. Leaving Las Vegas doesn't seem to be on digital stores, and I couldn't find a local copy of it on DVD or Blu Ray. I guess he isn't an arsehole in Con Air?
  19. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    This is a very exciting prospect indeed
  20. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Troy Goodfellow, Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk, and Julian Murdoch record the first 3MA episode, 2009.
  21. Made this account just now to post the following after I saw the above posted to Twitter: Many moons ago (Feb 2013) a few weeks after the Wax House episode I decided to look up CineAction as I live in the Toronto and thought I could get my hands on a copy of the issue in question. Needless to say it wasn’t easy so I opted to order the back issue seeing as it was only $7. But in reality I didn’t want to get the magazine, I wanted Important If True to have it so I shipped it directly there. I should of sent an email saying something was coming but I also wanted it to be a surprise and then the show soon went on definite hiatus and I just forgot about it until now. I feel like with their move from San Francisco that it may of got lost in the shuffle but maybe, just maybe, there’s still a chance an elusive copy of CineAction 68 waits patiently in their P.O. Box. Anyway attached is the email confirmation as proof.
  22. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    So I heard back from CineAction! magazine. The bad news (but also sort of good news*) is that Issue 68 is no longer in print, and they have none in the warehouse (or some guys attic or whatever for all I know). BUT, they did send me a giaaant thread of emails with text, images, and pdfs of each set of pages. I present to you all, Page 8 of CineAction! Magazine, Issue 68: Sadly, no interview with Joel Silver. I also did a full search on all the text in the email thread for keywords (silver, wax, house, and baby) and found no matches. (*the sort of good news here is that the mystery remains somewhat alive. I presume the scans I got are authentic, but without an original printed hard copy, I can't be 100% sure that the content is reliable...but it probably is. Maybe the gentlemen from CineAction! is in on the gag)
  23. Movie Marathons

    Hmmm, what about Peggy Sue Got Married? This is a good opportunity to troll her, though - keep telling her you think you've found the one movie where he plays a non-asshole, then put on Vampire's Kiss or Wicker Man or Bad Lieutenant...
  24. Movie Marathons

    She actually thought Donald was kind of an asshole too. He says things, or asks things that make Charlie feel even worse, and he seems to do it deliberately.
  25. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    *a couple of years later...* So I've been in touch with the good folks at CineAction magazine here in Canada. I am hoping to get my hands on a back order copy of CineAction Issue 68, and will share anything I can here, for posterity. I was re-listening to this episode a couple weeks ago, and I was bored, and it costs $7 CAD with free shipping so I could not resist.
  26. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Congratulations with being an institute in podcast land. You have been inspiring me for almost a decade now. Just one thing. Cameron Harris (I did the game together with him) deserves by far most of the credits for the innovation with creative writing and RPG like elements in DC:Barbarossa. Best wishes, Vic
  27. Three Moves Ahead 500: Origins

    Happy 500 guys! Thanks for the years of entertainment and thoughtful commentary on strategy and war games.
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