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  2. You never know... I still have minimal interest in the combat sections of that game, but playing it as a purely open-world exploration adventure, it gave me plenty of fun. Figuring out how to sneak around mobs to unlock fast-travel towers or get past mountain ranges turned into a kind of weird meta-puzzle that I enjoyed more than I expected.
  3. Sadly, I do not have Steam or anything PC related when it comes to games, or else I would wishlist it. I loved the first game a lot, I played it in a hostel in Budapest over a week of beer and takeaway food, and will always fondly remember it.
  4. Life

    Yeah dude, that stuff always sounds terrifying. Glad it ended up being a false alarm. When it comes to things like that I would rather that medical specialists err on the side of caution and be wrong.
  5. Three Moves Ahead Episode 469: Imperator

    The episode link directs the listener to the Idlethumbs forum instead of this thread. I find it unfortunate how Troy won't be able to discuss the game. Would love to see his take on it. And poor Fraser wasn't able to be on it. Sad.
  6. Three Moves Ahead 469: Imperator: Rome Rob, TJ, and Jon are not quite sure what to make of Imperator: Rome, the latest historical grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. Should a Hellenistic warlord have such fine control over demographics? Is there much to do beyond empire-building? On the other hand, when the eagles are marching, does there need to be? Imperator: Rome Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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  8. Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    Hey there, I’ve posted some more wild cartoon-style texture images derived from glass objects: TXR – GLASS – Cartoon As always, please remember that they are meant to be building blocks rather than polished textures, so feel free to edit / alter / mash / etc., as needed. Don’t forget to check out my learning series that teaches environmental responsibility in a fun way through stories and characters. The premise is this: How can we expect children to be the future stewards of the Earth if they don’t feel connected to it?? Please share with family, friends, teachers or anyone who might find it useful. Have a good week!
  9. Weirdly, I didn't have that reaction to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I did to Mankind Divided. I'm not sure what the difference was: the formula getting tired with another thirty- or forty-hour game, the layout change from corridor missions linking small open-world areas to a more holistically open-world design, the incredibly dumb and obvious "ripped-from-the-headlines" themes of Mankind Divided... Whatever it was, I played through Human Revolution twice but gave up ten hours into Mankind Divided.
  10. Oh man, Deus Ex. I bounced off that game so hard. I had never played a Deus Ex game before Human Revolution and I was quite excited to get into it. The story seemed interesting and it has all the world building details I normally love but I HATED everything about playing the game. It felt so ridiculously clumsy and awkward. Attempting to do anything either in stealth or loud was a comedy of errors as I never managed to accomplish either one with any amount of grace. It could be a personal failure on my part but I very quickly gave it up after much frustration.
  11. Marvel movies

    I considered that but AoS isn't a Netflix show. Although I guess I could rename the thread since I guess I started it (technically I didn't create the thread, I think it was Chris when he started splitting all the megathreads into individual ones and I just happened to have the first post).
  12. Arrowverse (DC/CW shows): Arrow, The Flash, etc.

    To be honest, I haven't watched anything recent. The last thing I saw was last season's awful crossover episode. I got tired of how repetitive every one of those shows are (except for Legends which has it's own unique brand of terrible). The only one I'm considering watching again is Supergirl and frankly I just don't feel motivated to do it.
  13. Bit of a bump on this, but wanted to get my thoughts on Dishonoured down. I love the art style. The RPG elements are right up my street. I love selecting different weapons based on what I want to do. I love the talking heart and every other bit of arcane wizardry the game throws at you / against the rather polished mechanical elements of certain baddies. But I just can't get through it playing non-lethal. This is like Deus Ex (the remake) all over again. I quit that out of frustration too, because up to a point it doesn't matter about your intentions to be non-violent, the game kinda railroads you against that ideal both subtly and unsubtly. In Deus Ex it was giant rooms of bad guys on mission timers (and apparently boss fights, but I never got that far) and here it's the incredibly meagre amounts of non-lethal options you get (and sleep darts are in really short supply). I keep wanting to like it (much like Deus Ex tbh, you could probably swap the names around in this post for exactly the same effect), and keep trying it periodically. But I just can't keep with it. Blah.
  14. Last week
  15. I know we weren't going to discuss Gotham in here, but as the series finished a month ago and there's no point in starting a new thread: The series has always been half ace half awful, but this final season was mostly awful. They picked some boring Big Bads and went with the most boring versions of pretty much all their regular characters. A real shame, as at their height they were doing some great stuff with Riddler, Penguin, 'Joker' and even young Bruce Wayne, plus occasional villains like Prof Pyg and Hugo Strange were done well. How's the Arrowverse/Berlantiverse these days, @SecretAsianMan (and anyone else watching it)?
  16. Marvel movies

    No, we have the Netflix Marvel thread, but any AoS talk is scattered through the Movies/TV Recs megathread.
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  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    I somehow didn’t get into Easy when I first tried to watch it, but when I got through a couple of episodes I started liking it. Reminds me of High Maintenance.
  19. Marvel movies

    With season 4 they change up how the seasons are written, with it being a couple interconnected arcs instead of stretching out one story and it actually becomes alot more focused and tighter because of it. The problem for me is with how season 5 starts and largely plays out it drops some threads that were important to the world of the show. It also goes for alot more bombast and Epicness which didn't work for me as it lost some of the character focus of season 4. There's no mad libs shit in either season though! I should add, I was into the show but not a super fan or anything, season 4 hooked me haaard though.
  20. Marvel movies

    As long as it doesn't have Gotham's MadLibs approach to writing ("In THIS episode, RIDDLER teams up with POISON IVY, who falls in love with JIM GORDON"), it's probably fine television. But I have to say that I'm also thinking of seriously pruning the amount of shows I follow. Not that GoT is very nearly done, I don't know if I need more stuff to fill that hole. The shows I currently follow: - GoT - Gotham - She-ra - Dix Pour Cent - Planet Earth - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The Good Place - Star Trek Disco - TNG Plus some anime like Sarazanmai, Ace Attorney and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I could do with a few less.
  21. [Kickstarter] Bluemoonpark

    Hi!! My team and I want to introduce you a game called Bluemoonpark! We're trying our best to get this project funded so people around the world can play the game! If you want to know more about the game, go check out the kickstarter page! Take a look and if you're interested, help us to make this game possible!! Thank you very much! Kickstarter page:
  22. Hello everyone!! Although it's been a week since its release, we want to announce our game Over the Cloud: Lost Planet!! If you're interested, check out the steam page! Thank you very much!! Steam:
  23. Marvel movies

    Season 4 is really really good! Though I also back up what secretasianman said
  24. Episode 468: Same Thing, Different Place

    This was a really interesting episode. I particularly liked the conversation on The Operational Art of War IV. I think this would be a good one to do an episode on some time, I’ve been eyeing it for a while as a newbie to hex wargames but haven’t jumped in as it seems so massive and I haven’t seen much discussion in any of gaming reviews land anywhere.
  25. Marvel movies

    As much as I actually like AoS, if you reached a satisfying conclusion then I wouldn't recommend getting back into it. Most of what follows after that has LOTS of open plot threads that have never been resolved. It's one of the things that drives me nuts because I hate loose ends. When it looked like season 5 was going to be the last one I was mainly bummed about not getting any resolution to those stories. I really hope season 6 at least attempts to close some of the gaps but I'm not hopeful it will.
  26. Marvel movies

    I kinda stopped watching Agents of Shield after the 3rd (?) season, which was the big Hydra/Ward blowout. The ending there felt satisfying and had tons of closure, and I never picked it up afterwards. I'm hesitant about it too. I'm not as much IN the MCU anymore, not like, say, four years ago.
  27. Free Music Resource - Over 1800 Tracks

    Greetings Earth People, This week’s new music tracks are: On my Sci-Fi 7 page: "INVASION!" – They’re heading this way! Run for your life! Aliens? Zombies? Slimy monsters? Something else entirely? On my Funny 6 page: “PARTY GHOULS” - Rockin’ it in their haunted party mansion. This track might be fun in a goofy Halloween-themed game or something like that. And two tracks on my Positive / Upbeat page: "OF SUMMERS GONE BY" – Here’s a high energy 80’s-style piece with a sweet, slightly magical feel that might sound nice in a game, video or perhaps something else. CAREFREE DAYS AT PELICAN SHORES – Carefree and creative…bouncing around town without a worry in the world. Wouldn’t that be great? All are free to use, as always, with attribution. If anyone has kids or younger siblings, I've created a fun environmental learning series that (I hope) will engage them through stories and characters. The organization I made it for uses the films all the time, and I'm sharing them with the rest of the world. Please feel free to check them out and share with friends, parents, teachers or anyone else who might find them helpful. Keep being creative and have a good weekend!
  28. Marvel movies

    Yea the 5th season finale took place as the fight in new york happened, they actually show a clip of the ship coming in on a tv at some point. This puts season 6 a year post ginger snap. Anyway. I'll watch it, but a little skeptical? Season 5 was fine, there were parts I enjoyed, but season 4 was the highhhhhhhhhhh point of the show for me, there was such a focus on character in that season that I felt got a little lost when they tried to go bigger in season 5. Also Doom Patrol is kinda shitting all over any other comic book show I've seen, it's just so ridiculously good. I never root for properties, but I wish it wasn't on dc's streaming service so that more people could see it. I guess I should say I did watch the new ep of AoS, and it was fine. I wasn't super pulled into it, but we'll see how the show plays out.
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