Idle Thumbs welcomes the Three Moves Ahead podcast.
Three Moves Ahead, hosted by Rob Zacny and Troy Goodfellow, describes itself as the leading strategy- and wargame-themed podcast on the internet. We describe it as the leading game podcast in our hearts.

As we were figuring out what it would mean to expand Idle Thumbs, we tossed around the idea of expanding it out from one podcast into a small communal network. Our first small step was the announcement of a monthly book club podcast featuring the same core Thumbs crew, but the first giant leap is our plan to bring Three Moves Ahead onboard.

When our site relaunches, Three Moves Ahead will have a dedicated show page on Idle Thumbs. It will also have a dedicated home on the site's forums, giving the podcast's community a centralized gathering point for the first time. We hope to reveal more of our shared plans soon.

This isn't an acquisition. (We're not sure Idle Thumbs would even know how to acquire something.) The show is still Rob and Troy's, and nothing about it will change, including the presence of regular panelists Julian Murdoch and Dr. Bruce Geryk. And hopefully Tom Chick still finds the time to join in occasionally.

If you're a Three Moves Ahead listener, welcome. If you're new to the show, check out a few standout episodes:
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Special Announcement: A message from Troy and Rob about joining Thumbs
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