The Mummy Industry is Booming

August 26, 2019 On our second day, Douglas Wilson introduces new team members Laura E. Hall and Jey Biddulph before comparing and contrasting their work at Meridian Adventure Co. in Portland with Alex and Shang Lun’s Earthrise One at PlayReactive in Melbourne. After that, things fall apart when we go to Ecurve, where Goldie, Stephanie, Shang Lun and Amani do a walkthrough of "M&M'S® The Big Escape," a candy-coated escape room at Amaze Escape. Finally, the episode ends with vestigial puzzles, broken props, and the mysterious case of a closed escape room at 1 Utama.

Meridian Adventure Co., PlayReactive, Earthrise One, Ecurve, M&M'S® The Big Escape, Space Voyager: Mission To The Moon, The Mummy Returns: Resurrection of the Ancient Pharaoh, 1 Utama, Katamari Damacy by Laura E. Hall

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