The Art in ARTS

November 6, 2021 In this episode, we put the art back into ARTS on Day 4 of the International Dota 2 Championship. First Yang Jing will tour UnArt Center, a media art gallery that doubles as an esports venue, then Peter will exhibit AutoSave: Redoubt, a Counter-Strike map reconstructing the scene where Japanese and the English first encountered one another in the Battle of Hong Kong during World War Two. But is Dota an ARTS or an art?

UNArt Center, "Inside the White Cube" by Brian O'Doherty, "Non-Place" by Marc Augé, "L'1%, C'est Moi" by Andrea Fraser, International Klein Blue, Cadbury Purple, Art Games, True Blue, Mario Clouds, Cory Arcangel Art Forum Cover, Additive and Subtractive Color Space, Howe Art Museum, Serious Games Exhibit, "Serious Games" by Haroun Farouki, "The Production of Space" by Henri Lefebvre, "Making Games in a Fucked Up World" by Paolo Pedercini, 功能游戏 Gōngnéng yóuxì (functional games), 严肃游戏 Yánsù yóuxì (serious games), 游戏化 Yóuxì huà (gamification), Chinese Translation of "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal, Honor of Kings, English Translation of "Journey to the West" by Arthur Yu, Jing Ke, A ke in Honor of Kings, Li Bai, Li Bai in Honor of Kings, Zhuang Zhou, Zhuang Zhou in Honor of Kings, "How Alipay Users Planted 100M Trees in China", "Autosave: Redoubt" by Andrew Luk, Alexis Mailles, and Peter Nelson, "Empathy Machine" by Chris Milk, "Disability Theory" by Tobin Siebers, Social vs. Medical Model of Disability, The Beginner's Guide, "The Enclosure of the Valve Source Engine" by Peter Nelson, "Finite Media" by Sean Cubitt

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