Games for Tall People

September 9, 2019 Laura E. Hall hosts day three where we meet our final team member, Chad Toprak, and talk about global games from Melbourne to Malaysia. Afterwards Patrick joins Laura and Chad to chat about what happens when you lock ten people in “The Tomb of Life and Death,” an asymmetric, architectural escape room. Then the team gets physical with the cramped crawls in Mission-Q and creepy dolls at Lost in KL, two of the most intense escape room parlors we’ve ever encountered yet.

One Life Remains, Wild Rumpus, Babycastles, Kokoromi, Glitchmark, Lucky Frame, Roflpillar, Die Gute Fabrik, Johann Sebastian Joust, B.U.T.T.O.N., Hovergarden, Turnover, Cart-Load-O-Fun Now Play This, The Silence in Room 1258, Pandemic Legacy, Bar SK, Mission-Q, Lost in KL

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